First post after soooooo long…



ok. i should start writing a blog. a blog about me and me and me. i want to keep track of my life. i want to have a record of my likes and dislikes.

how should i start? what should i write? the last time i actually blogged was like years ago, in st nicks (OMG YOUNG KID). used to blog about totally lame and boring stuff, which is the reason why i closed in down within a year. and i haven’t really mastered the art of blogging INTERESTING. nor all the visually appealing effects. OH WELLS.

currently i have a list of make-up/nail polish/facial product/circle lens/FOOD reviews to blog about. but i seriously don’t know where to start or which one to start.

ok let’s start from today!

went to Jurong Point’s guardian and bought the travel size contact lens solution. new circle lens haul and i want to try a new brand because the previous brand stings a little at times. i am not sure if its common to sting at times but i shall try the new solution for a few weeks before comparing. it comes with a 60ml solution with a free lens case @ the very decent price of $1.95! but there were only three boxes left and i snapped two up! i hope they replenish it soon because it’s quite a good bargain.

re-nu sensitive multi-purpose solution trial kit

i waited and waited and still waited for both brands to arrive since i ordered on the 27th Oct. almost a month ok. and being a psycho, i stalked the update page like 4-5 times a day, when i wake up, on the way to school, during lessons, in between lessons, during lunch, on the way home, after dinner, before i sleep and the cycle continues for another XX number of days, wells, u get the idea. i think i generate like quite a few hits for the website!

SO EXCITED to receive this parcel!!

initially i thought the parcel was sent out last sat cuz she emailed us on fri night saying all were packed and ready. so i eagerly waited on monday, no news FOR THE WHOLE DAY! tuesday, i stayed at home the whole day but the postman never showed up )): was getting worried cuz Singpost AM Mail is supposed to be delivered before 11am ok. luckily i didn’t storm down the post office ytd. WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS WHEN I GOT HOME FROM SCHOOL TODAY ((:

FOUR pairs of lens ((: happy happy~

Sher’s GEO Olive Green lens

My Dueba Wonder Nudy pink lens!! pretty or what 😀

i ordered the Dueba’s Wonder nudy pink and sher’s got the GEO Olive green. we are gonna try our lens over the weekends! stay tune for reviews for these beautiful lens!


zibbie ♔


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