Wendy’s & Gong Cha @ Plaza Singapura!

Today haven’t been a really great day. Things kept going against my wishes and i had been real irritated and mad and PMS!!! Couldn’t find my Engineering Econs & Finance lect 1-8 ever since the mid term on the 21st Oct, I TURNED THE HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN ALRE OK. pissed. Made a mental note to only print notes when its two weeks before exams (WHICH IS NOW!!!) GRRRR. ANGSTY.

I thought bubbletea is gonna save my day. Bought Gong Cha’s Oolong milk tea with black pearls cause Maling said it was nice and Sher’s got the milk green tea.

Oolong Milk Tea – It tasted distinctly of Oolong tea leaves and the milk was not overpowering. Some green tea powder was sprinkled over the creamed milk on top so there was a green tea after-taste lingering. Somehow GC milk teas are kinda salty-sweet, a very interesting taste on the palate.

Green Milk Tea – This on the other hand tasted so full of milk and the green tea also couldn’t be tasted. I thought that the green tea taste in the Oolong milk tea was even stronger than this. WEIRD. Maybe they mixed up the wrong cups and sprinkled the green tea powder wrongly?

Pearls – HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Overcooked on the outside and not chewy! Somewhat like the sweet talk one and i think KOI pearls are sooooooooooooo much better! Did not satisfy the pearl craving )): I want my KOI now!!!

Gong Cha

Lonely sucky pearls

Headed on to SMU and TRIED to study ship logistics cause i realized that no mid term was tested and it’s the first time i am touching the notes. BORING! Productivity level is one lecture notes for 5 hours. WHAT? ok i cam-whored for 3 hours.

Going crazy and totally bored -___-

I CANT HELPED IT!!! There are more but i shall be not be narcissistic ((:

Wendy’s for dinner

Wendy’s is a popular fast food chain in the states and it has been in Singapore for almost a year alre. It has gotten a free media boost with its report flooding at the orchard liat towers and all the hype circling Singapore flooding (YES FLOODING). What a fantastic way to be (in)famous.

Anyways, outlet which i went to is just opposite SMU, along the Bras Basah road. It is really JUST opposite but somehow the nearest traffic light connected to the street opposite does not operate from 5pm to 9pm. GREAT. So you have to cross THREE traffic lights to get to the place. It’s like a cross junction but you have to going rounds before u can reach your SHORT destination. Reminds me of the cross junction opposite Hans @ Chinatown (at least it has an overhead bridge just less than 100 meters away).

The fast food chain is rather packed when i got there but i was the only one in queue. The menu was a little too boring IMO with eight value sets featuring beef, chicken, fish and shrimp. I love beef but their beef menu, the four of them is just quarter pound beef, half pound beef and three-quarter pound beef and i-don’t-remember-beef. You get the picture, it’s like MacDonalds serving four chicken menus, two-piece chicken nugget meal (for the toddler/anorexic-wannabe), four-piece nuggets meal (KIDS MEAL), six-piece nuggets (supposedly normal meal but who really get filled up eating this?) and ten-piece nuggets meal (decent portion). HOW EXCITING~

The very expensive $11.95 meal

GUESS WHAT KNN!!! THEY SMART-LY FORGOTTEN TO PUT THE CHILI BEEF THINGY IN. *&^%#@$#^*$! And i only realized like when i got back to SMU. GREAT. So for the sake of the chili beef sauce which cost $2.70, i had to crossed TWELVE F-ING TRAFFIC LIGHTS IN TOTAL. FML TTM.

Half-pound beef Combo meal with chili beef. COMPLETED.

The half pound beef burger

Burger- 2.75/5
I love the bread, it’s not normal burger bread but Kaiser buns. I can just eat the buns alone! The beef patties were, however, a letdown. I find it too dry for my liking and there ain’t much sauce to make it juicer. Having three pickles, one piece of lettuce, four thin stripes of onions didn’t make it any better. There was only a layer of thin cheese between two dry patties. Overall i felt that i was chewing dry cardboard.

Fries- 2/5
Firstly i do like the fat cut fries but the only issue here is that it’s all cold and soggy. Being the only customer in the queue, i reckon the fries were fried and left aside for quite sometime alre.

The $2.70 chili beef i walked another 6 traffic lights for.

Chili beef- 3.5/5
Really delicious when it’s eaten hot. A generous amount of mined beef inside with kidney beans, onions and random vegetables. Taste like thicken beef minestrone (:

Service- 0/5
FAILED. If the counter was busy with overwhelming customers and food orders, i might be a little more forgiving. But i was the only one in the only queue and there were two food servers packing my things beside the cashier. THEY HAD ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO MISS OUT AN ITEM. Plus i only ordered one meal, not ten complicated meals (I want 3 coke with 10 ices and 2 ice lemon tea with 20 ice, i want 4 fries with 50% salt and 2 fries with 25% salt, i want 1 burger cut into half and 3 burgers cut into three EQUAL parts ETC, find a permutation for ten complicated orders). Like SERIOUSLY. When i finally walked back (SIX TRAFFIC LIGHTS) they jut laughed it off, HAHAHAHAHA. Was the food server trying to hide the chili beef so that he can bring home to eat?! If only its chili pork, then maybe he wouldn’t bother. OPS.

zibbie ♔

PS: Dont bother going to their website for Singapore’s Wendy’s. They didnt even bother updating their website and ALL THE BACON BURGERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN THE STORES, CAUSE IT’S HALAL!!!


2 thoughts on “Wendy’s & Gong Cha @ Plaza Singapura!

  1. hello zibbie! i’m stalking you!!! hahaha…

    i tried wendy’s once and i’m nv going back again…they have the cheek to call their meat beef when it’s like anorexic cow…i’ll pay for carl’s jr anytime!!!

    • hellllllllllloooooooooo darling!

      total disappointment ok. and i hate walking (extra metres) for food.
      paper cow. MOOOOOOOO.
      so long never eat carl’s jr alre, like almost one year plus…
      lets go for beef steak @ sizzler the next outing (when i am richer) free flow salad & soup bar ((:

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