Lazy Sunday


Stayed at home the whole day and filled myself with lots of mum’s cooked love ((:


Guess what is this?

I ate a moon. Or Mars.

This photo looks like a planet of its own!! It’s actually Pulut Hitam with black pearls (yes weird i know. i think she couldn’t find the white sago)and rock sugar was replaced by GULA MELAKA!! Plus coconut milk. YUMMYS! This is how it looks like non-fisheye. hahs.

Pulut Hitam with Gula Melaka & Black Pearls

Mum's home made pizza ((:

How about making pizza into a ball shape and eat it? LOL

Pizza BALL

Herbal chicken soup

Missed this soup alot! Mum rarely cooks herbal soup which is sad )): I guess it’s because we are all overly nourished. heeee. Drank two bowls in total and no nose bled!

KOI Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Thanks to my sister for buying this back for me! She could be even nicer if she didn’t ask me to pay for it ((:


Mum's Tom Yum beehoon soup!

I heart it!

Tom Yum beehoon soup with shrimp, sliced fish, chicken breast, fishballs and cabbage ((:

Mahjong with the family and neighbour

Most loved activity for us is playing mahjong! I am trying to learn how to play Tai, but still fail )): It’s just so many rules and calculations. I think my parents should compile the rules into a handy book so that i can take it as a school module. I will work double-ly hard for this module i promise ((:

Taken ytd when i was out

Goodnight people. I hope i will be more productive in my studies tml.

zibbie ♔


zibbie ♔
zibbie ♔


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