Top four horrors of exams & Cherlyn’s Grievance

It’s been a long day in school.

Early in the morning there was this disgusting man sitting in front of me in the Lee Wee Nam library and totally GROSSED me out. First of all, he did not ask for my permission and just sat on the empty chair in front of me. It’s ok UNTIL HE STARTED MAKING WEIRD SOUNDS. Groaning, Moaning, Constipated Shitting sound (like those the mother will make to induce baby to shit). FUCK MY LIFE. Imagine a gross symphony of these sounds made by an unfortunate face in front of you on a monday day. In the fucking interval of FIFTEEN SECONDS. SERIOUSLY. I tried to record his perfect symphony for his perfect self but sadly i still don’t know how to operate my iphone properly and my phone couldn’t register sounds which are out of the human frequency.

Imagine if he sits next to you during the exams. FUCK YOUR LIFE!!! Either u get induce to shit (which is a waste of time in the exams) or the only two words you will write on your exams script is ‘SHUT UP’. *Prays hard for such scenarios not to occur to me!! This is like the top four worst thing that can happen during any exams.

Number one worst is forgetting everything you have studied/not studied and you have nothing to write other than your matri number and the exam course code. But the consolation here is that you can nap for the 2-3 hours/ walk out after 15 min and have a happy meal. Second will be waking up late/ not even realising that there is an exam -____- like the mother who complained to the lian he zhao bao that the school printed the O levels timing wrongly and that his son would have gotten an A for D&T. Cause the ink ran and instead of 08:00 it looked like 03:00. Sure, MOE will ever set the exams at 3am in the morning. ‘A’ student indeed (:

The top two is YOUR fault and you can only blame it on yourself. But the next one plus the No. 4 weird sound making people are like NOT YOUR FAULT AND YOU DID NOT ASK FOR IT KIND.

Next on the horror list is SMELLY PEOPLE, which i have encountered (FMFL). Exams is not an excuse for not bathing or washing your clothes. Even if it’s a morning paper at 9am in the morning. Even if you are having two papers on the same day, even if you are having five papers straight in a row. NO EXCUSE AT ALL. If at the age of 23 you smell WORSE than my grandma, you have a serious problem.This is sunny singapore, not some rural country which might be colder and no water access. Plus i think you live in hall, WATER IS FREE, WASHING MACHINE IS FREE = USE THEM!!  It really irritates me when no matter where i turn to,the smell gets to me, left right up down. Such people ought to be put through the automatic car washing system (like the commercial where the guy washes his tongue using the rotating brush)




Cherlyn had suffered in the hands of a grumpy Old Chang Kee’s(OCK) staff and there is an urgent need to address her grievance here (yes ct this is for you) The staff totally went against her strong standing motto of all time: VALUE FOR MONEY which is HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE.

It all started when Cherlyn started joining the queue of OCK and ordered Nasi Lemak. The staff pried through a mountain of normal looking chicken and picked up a perfect wing for Cherlyn.

The Chosen Wing - Drum-let part

The Chosen Wing - the wing part

Notice anything unusual about this wing?

KY: Is this nuggets?

Me: Looks like popcorn chicken!

Yes, at the same price of $3.90, Cherlyn had to suffered the feeling of being shortchanged and unhappiness with a deformed chicken wing. A wing which should have been rejected at the selection stage in the factory. A chicken which might have lost the fight with another chicken and that missing part of the wing might be in another chicken’s tummy and thus had grew bigger wings which means that another customer would be blessed with a bigger wing. These of course, in the expense of Cherlyn’s misery:

Highly unsatisfied with the deformed/missing wing.

To add on to her misery contrast, here a picture of my normal nasi lemak (:

The slightly more normal set

Gonna have an early night. Goodnighty (:

Overexposed fat face (:

zibbie ♔


2 thoughts on “Top four horrors of exams & Cherlyn’s Grievance

  1. ya!!! I was really really upset abt it!!!! Suffered such great injustice…boooooooo…maybe i’ll abstain from eating old chang kee for like a week…hahahahaha….

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