Rapunzel 3D – A Tangled Tale!

Watched this @ AMK hub today ((: YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!

Rapunzel 3D - A Tangled Tale

I rate it a 4.5 out of 5!!!

It’s an excellent movie to watch when u are feeling stressed and when u just want to relax and have a good laugh. Yes the plot is a little cliche and everyone knows the Rapunzel story by heart since young (unless u have no childhood, but it’s ok, start having one by watching this movie.) But there were little twists here and there which made this movie not like another story telling movie. It made me feel like i am in a fairyland and i don’t wanna get out of it.

I watched this in 3D and the effects were great. I tested it by closing one eye to watch, i could see the movie in 2D but when i watched with both eyes, the characters popped with background in a distance. And the best part was i didn’t feel giddy while watching even to the end!

Somehow i still preferred Rapunzel with beautiful long hair! She looked more dreamy, princess-y and gentle with that beautiful blond flowing hair. I did expect her hair to be cut off, but seriously, why couldn’t she keep the length!!! I have always envy those with long and thick and beautiful and healthy hair, something i guess i won’t have for this lifetime )):

i can imagine myself to be like the black hair witch and 'cuddling' someone else hair...

For once i finished up the popcorn with sher and i am suffering from ulcers now )): The salted popcorn was too salty but the sweet one was alright. I think i gained another 2kg eating those butter, FIRST IN LAST OUT.


Highly recommended! Watch it if u haven’t ((:



Today in school i discovered a very interesting thing from Maslyn! (ok i am the last to know cuz i always don’t go school)

A Canon Camera!

Looks normal and pretty. But notice anything different?

I can hold it up with TWO fingers!

So guess what is this?

It’s a ………………



i like the unintended rainbow in the third motion.

zibbie ♔


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