What’s Nex at Serangoon!!!


Finally gotten a chance to drop by the next biggest thing on the NEL and the best part is that it’s just 10-15 min bus journey from my house ((: so next time when my friends ask me where to chill out near my house, i wouldn’t need to reply ‘at the cemetery lo’. And i wouldn’t feel bad if i ask people to chill out at my house downstairs or waste money cabbing house from places like AMK hub or heartland mall (they are not that far too actu…)

It is really located at such a strategic location. With the circle line at Serangoon and its proximity from all the HDBs, Landed properties and schools. And there is the one and only one cinema (ten cinemas in total in Nex) in the North East area! HOW EXCITING! I usually goes to town to watch movies, favourite is The Cathay or amk hub if i am feeling lazy. But with this new cinema 15min from my house, I am guessing it will be my next fav ((: I hope Shaw organization will come up with competitive movie ticket discounted prices to beat Cathay ($6-$8 with nets).

The calm exterior of Nex @ Serangoon

Delicious marshmallow sky

The super Crowded crowd.

I think half of the Hougang, Punggol, Kovan and Serangoon residents were there. The mall was totally packed like crazy, without much of a breathing space (I am short ok, I need more air) The food queues at all the restaurant were sooo long and we had to settle down for pepper lunch express at the top food court (Food Republic is at B2), plus the pepper steak set with egg is only $8.90, some year end discount. Pretty decent price though the beef steak was thinner than usual.

Pepper Lunch Steak @ $8.90 only.

There is Haato (one of my fav ice cream from Liang court) and BeardPaPa!

Beard PaPa

Strawberry puff as the snack!

And there is Fair Price Xtra and Cold Storage. Ok totally weird for two major supermarket operating in a single mall. I hope they sell everything i ❤ and the NTUC is 24hours!!! HOW CONVENIENT ((: I dont have to go TPY to buy grocery alre! happy happy~ And Isetan too. Like totally cool. Isetan in the neighbourhood and Heartlands ((:

Up the escalator.

With the too shy cool brother.

With the funny Uncle and Auntie (who is camera shy!)

Oh and we chanced upon a new BUBBLETEA STORE!!! I think it’s called Drink Tea. I just have to try it and I am so glad that it did not disappoint me ((: It has small medium large for their bubbletea. And different sweetness for certain drinks.

Drink Tea, Shui Yan She

Drink Tea sizes- S M L

Roasted Milk Tea with Roselle Pearls $2.90 med– First of all, I LOVE THEIR PEARLS!!!! It’s pink, which is so adorable it just melted my heart. It made from Roselle which gave it a hint of fruity sweetness to it. The texture was chewy in the manner which i like my pearls to be. The Roasted tea reminded me of the Korean roasted barley tea and there was a ‘dryness’ after taste to it. I didn’t like it very much nor dislike it, but it’s just not my flavour. Shall venture other flavour soon. My brother tried the Hazelnut Milk Tea but i think Each a Cup does it better. $2.90 for med size too.

Drink Tea Roasted Milk Tea with Roselle Pearls

Me happy with my pearls ((:

Sher with her doe-eyes.

My hauls of the day.

The NTUC sells my fav gras jelly drink since sec school ((: Not all NTUC sells it and KOI’s jelly tasted a little similar to this grass jelly.

Us three happy ((:



Oh did i mention, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Well, for this semester, officially, not counting the dreaded exams…

Our teacher celebrated this by having a green screen throughout the lecture. Maybe because the Christmas is coming? HOHOHO~

Last ship strategy lecture. With green slides.


zibbie ♔


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