I think I am addicted to Nex.

I went to Nex twice today. Once in the afternoon and another just before it closed. It’s just so huge and endless!!!

Went to grab bubbletea before heading to study in the late afternoon.

Drink Tea Strawberry Milk Tea

Love the pink pearls.

Drink Tea Passionfruit green tea

Love the colour combi!!

I am trying to find the perfect flavour to match the yummy roselle pearls but i still can’t find it yet! The strawberry milk tea tasted like each-a-cup ten years ago when it first came out, too tea taste… Which I didn’t really like.
The passionfruit one was too sour for my liking but Sher liked it. Even the pearls in it tasted a little sour. Wells, i will keep trying til I find the flavour I like!


Caught in action slacking instead of revising.

Going crazy revising...

Thai fried tanghoon for dinner.

Not too wet and not too dry, really yummy. Pity that the serving was soooooo little.

Tasteless Papaya Salad.

Disappointing tasteless papaya salad )):

Basil Minced Chicken. ❤

Love the dark soya and the wok taste ❤


zibbie ♔


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