Rayna’s Bday Celebration!

Lunch at…. yes THE NEX AGAIN!!!

Tried Ramen Play but was not impressed by it at all. )):

RamenPlay @ The Nex

I didn’t know RamenPlay is under Breadtalk. Somehow with this knowledge, the brand doesn’t seems appealing to me anymore…

RamenPlay Menu

The interior.

The opposite wall.

Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen

$10.80, two super anorexic char siew and half a semi boiled egg.

Three treasure Tonkatsu Ramen

$14.80. Two super anorexic char siew, three cubes of braised pork, two malnourished pork cheek slices.

Pork Cheek & Bamboo Shoot

$3.50 for three malnourished pork cheek, $1.50 for bamboo shoots.


Soup: 3/5
Tasted of pork bone but not flavourful enough, something was lacking to complete the taste. Plus point was I didn’t feel very thirsty after wards so maybe MSG was not alot which was good.
Noodles: 3/5
Nothing special, almost tasting like (high class) maggi mee. Texture was decent.
Service: 3/5
Rather attentive and refilled my water twice. But they were mumbling some jap words which failed, sounds like *^#@^(.

Ambience: 3/5
Very casual style, brightly lit, clean feeling. But a little to close to the next table for my comfort.

Price: 2/5
Came up to about $36 for two people, which was expensive given the standard. Would go for Beppu Ramen or Santouka anytime. Now I carved for Beppu spicy ramen ))):

Starbucks Dark Mocha Frap

Starbucks Apple Crumble Cheesecake

Had Starbucks for tea break. Yes there is a Starbucks at Nex!!! Love the Christmas drinks but should have added another shot of espresso. Super heart the Apple Crumble Cheesecake too!



Early birthday celebration for the raynalovehammy@hotmail. Surprise was done at the flyer when the beauty (Rayna) and the beast (Deryck, JOKE!!!Dont sensitiveboy86) done their round around the flyer. Sexy girl Rayna won the spotlight with a nice tight blue bustier tube dress.

Then we headed on to Popeyes for dinner (wedding banquet) Sadly Kuanyee, Yunkay, Shiwan, Cherlyn, Maslyn, Soopei and I sat another table and Rayna NEGLECTED US )): SOBS

Popeyes Chicken

Almond milk tea with Ai-yu & Aloe vera

Thought i wouldn’t drink bubbletea today liao but since there was an outlet at the flyer, why not! ((:

Rayna neglected us at one table (didn’t even drop by to yum sheng, ending part not counted!). So no group photo was taken )): But I present you the dim sum dollies ((:

Dim Sum Dollies - Shiwang, Cherlyn & me

And yet another shot!

Dim Sum Dollies- Cherlyn, me & Shiwang


zibbie ♔


4 thoughts on “Rayna’s Bday Celebration!

  1. you know what!!!! i realised we didn’t even take a photo with the birthday girl la!!! we didn’t take a group pic as well!!!! WAD WERE WE DOING??!!! HAHAHAHHAA…

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