Today is my sister’s birthday!

We went to Ju Shin Jung at Joo Chiat road, Katong Junction to celebrate!

Ju Shin Jung

Free flow Roasted Barley tea

Ordered the $25 per pax BBQ Buffet (~$30 inc tax) which included free flow Pork Collar, Pork Belly, Pork & Chicken and side dishes. Quite value for money considered if you are a meat lover or a big eater. Would be even better if there were beef in the buffet or more meat variety.

Korean side dish


Some Seaweed soup which tasted toooo fishy for my liking. ewww

Korean side dish with too much sesame oil.

Brocoli also can consider....

Egg coated Zucchini- interesting

Black Bean thingy

Korean side dish

Fav Kimchi

Side dishes were quite pathetic, like cabbage + Chili sauce + onions + random veg made into 10 permutations. What happened to the days of small fishes as side dishes? Maybe it was a weekday so they decided to be slack.

The BBQ grill - Electronic, you won't die of charcoal smoke

The very polite & attentive server helped us to cook the meat (or you can choose to cook it for yourself)

Porky porky~

Raw meat.

I see pork belly and pork collar ((:

Chicken was very well marinated and tender. Pork was less marinated but had its distinct porky taste (in a good way) Love the pork collar the most cuz it had the least fat.

Me happily eating away...

Complimentary Watermelon

Posing with the âĪ

The queen in Alice in the Wonderland

Talk no evil, see no evil

Sher with her heart

funny face


Cinnamon Honey tea to complete the meal- supposed to aid digestion after so much meat

Please do not eat this when you reach there

Because it expands upon contact with water.

Use it as a cigar act cool pose

The veteran.


451 Joo Chiat Road
#01-01 Katong Junction
6440 7707

Headed to Awfully Chocolate cafe which is just down the street.

Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate

Super stacked chocolate cake with hei ice cream

$11.95 for this, quite expensive. I prefer the original choco cake, the standard round ones. Somehow more moist and fudgey I feel. Hei ice cream was delicious, tasted like melted chocolate every single mouth.

The bday girl with the Bday cake

Us posing! Yummy desserts!

While waiting for the cab home!


zibbie ♔


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