MacDonald’s Monopoly game!

I am super busy with exams! Totally no time to blog for like almost two weeks alre. One more paper to go. BOOMZ. Will back date my entries as and when i remember. heeeeee

10th dec 2010

Have you been crazy over the Macs monopoly game like me? Hoping to win the $80,000 cash or even be contented with JUST winning the KIA Soul car? I didn’t heard of or played this game by macs til this year (I was in Norway for exchange when it came out last year) so i over compensated for it by being real enthusiastic about it these two months. I ate Macs like at least twice a week and upsized just to get an extra game label even when I couldn’t finish the meal. LOL. It made the game even more fun when your friends around you also jumped onto the wagon! COMPETITIVE US ((:

There was even once when CT saw a pair of game labels on the floor in school and she contemplated for a good five minutes whether she should pick it up or not. She checked the labels she had in her wallet and realised she didn’t have the ones on the floor and finally decided to pick them up. Super funny the whole process. I told her that we might be on gotcha, better be careful! LOL.

Soooooooooooooooooooo here’s my winnings for the monopoly 2010:

Macs Monopoly Game Labels, My Winnings!

It was lacking a iced latte label at the corner cause I redeemed it for breakfast just before my first paper on the 10th dec! First time drinking the iced latte (I always drink the cappuccino), there was a mild caramel taste in it (maybe I was hallucinating LOL) As you can see, the labels made up to two full meals with main course, fries, drinks and dessert! And I actually forgotten to redeem the hashbrown #$(%$%*^$ and 10th dec was the last day of redemption already ))):

The free iced latte

Macs Filet-o-fish meal

My ‘free’ lunch of the day! Redeemed the rest home n the evening! happy happy. BUT WOULD BE EVEN MORE HAPPIER IF I GET THE $80,000. I WILL TRY HARDER NEXT YEAR ((:

Came home to this:

Cousins! SUPER CUTE!!



Awww…. My youngest cousin started walking on his own already! He was super cute with the cow prints, LOVE IT!!!
Sorry for the bad quality photos, the kids were moving toooooo fast.
Someone commented that the hoodie of the outfit is not a cow, more like a beak of a bird. Ya i think so too. OPS. COW GONE WRONG.

zibbie ♔


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