Study over the weekends…

11th Dec 2010

The only thing interesting during exams period is the FOOD. No time to shop, no time to watch movies, no time to sleep. SIGHS. Eat and eat and eat only.

Went to Aston at the Cathay for lunch.

Aston's double chicken set

My double chicken set – choose any two type of chicken from the ala carte menu and its only about $11-12 (i think) which included two sides! I had the BBQ chix and char grill chix. Actually both chix were the same, just the sauce different only. Really worth it for the price. Love the potato salad (:

Aston's fish with herb


Sher had the pan fried dory fish with herb & cream. Tasted really nice too but i had OD of such instant fishes in Norway (its the only fish i could cook and it’s cheap!!) Pasta salad not bad too.
Total bill for two main course and an apply juice was less than $20, value for money!

Went for dinner/supper only at 10 plus, all the shops were closed around PS, so we popped by The Central (Zhong huan) at Peace centre there.

Fried pig intestine

Ok THIS IS MY FAVOURITE!!! Love love it so much. The one here was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Really well done ❤

Zha Jiang Mian

I can make this at home! Why doesn’t it look as nice as the Korean ones?

Po Luo Bao

FAILED. Crystal jade’s ones much much nicer. Same price some more. *^$%#%*@0 Tasted more like croissant bao -___-

Droppped by Rocher Beancurd for desserts. Don’t know why the tau hway that night tasted horrible. It wasn’t smooth like usual and very jelly like. Very very disappointing )):

Rocher tau hway



12th Dec 2010

Lunch at PS Mos Burger ((:

Mos Burger!

Mos Chilli dog

Mos Yakiniku Rice burger

Mos secret treasure box

Mos Garlic 'n' Lemon Mussels (secret box. LOL)

GCM Oolong tea & GCM Winter melon tea ❤


I think I spent more time eating than studying. SIGHS!

Exams woes

zibbie ♔


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