Chistmas eve outing with the cousin and sher!

Brought my cousin to town to walk around and to do some last minute shopping!

@ TPY hub before taking the train

Random snacking here and there.

Duck crepe at Ion basement

$6 for 5 pieces

Cross section

Decent tasting but didn’t impress.

Nice shot of my cousin

Eating corn.

xiao ba wang mee suan

This mee suan is nothing like the shi lin oyster mee suan. No vinegar no much taste (only msg taste). So if you love the shi lin mee suan, this will disappoint. I personally did not like it at all.

Fried viet spring roll

Tasted really good when it’s just fried, piping hot! Just a little on the oily side though.

Sour Sally yogurt ice cream

@ Wisma basement

$8.90 for plain yogurt (L) & 3 toppings

Love the mochi mix, cupcakes and the strawberry! Feel like eating them now…

happy us!

((: yummy!



Sher carrying the big baby

getting tired and lost alre.

a very practical tree.

posing with 101 christmas trees in town

happy three friends

charlie & friends

making funny faces!

i dont know what is this

outside marche. MOOOOOOOOOO

cow or chick?


Bought a new Sony camera today<3 it to bits! An accumulated christmas present from SHER. TYVM!! Will review it when I have time!

Sony TX9


Shall save Christmas eve dinner for another post!

zibbie โ™”


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