Merry Christmas ((:

Love sleeping with the fluffy family members ((: Felt so safe with Stripey on top of me.

Overslept plus forgotten that its my sister’s baptism day )): Been wanting to see how the ceremony would be like since I missed my Brother’s one last year (still in Europe) Quickly prepared to head on to Crystal’s house for Xmas celebration!

Sher and I bought Four Leaves strawberry shortcake and Brown Brothers Rosa Moscato for Crystal & family.

Brown Brothers Rosa Moscato

Always love how smooth and sweet Moscato tasted, and Brown Brothers brew it nicely with a reasonable price tag!

Reached at 3pm and luckily we were not the last (ok fine nearly)

What a spread ((:

My very full plate

LOVE EVERYTHING ((: Crystal’s mum’s flavourful roast beef, salad, wrapped bacon with asparagus, chicken wings and the very yummy ham & chestnut stuffing from cold storage (I wanna order from cold storage next year for Christmas!)

Crystal's Masterpiece

Done by Crystal & HanSiong (but to add on by Crystal,  HS is the helper) Ok not everyone has such artistic talents. My highest grade for Art since primary school was B-, I was damn happy when I got that grade. I hate art actually. Please note that hate is not a past tense here.

After pigging out…..

Us ((: (yes my face is 2X Crys one)

Secretly with the warm parents behind

See me trying to hide behind Crys.

Sher was trying to hide behind Crys too!

Zi Pai is still the best!

Thank you Crystal & Family for the lovely Christmas lunch ❤
Love always ((:

Handmade by Crys, a love letter to me ((:


On the way to Serangoon NEX from yishun, love the circle line!!!

In the train...

Since we were changing train at Bishan, we decided to pop by CRYSTAL Jade Kitchen for a light & late dinner. The Crystal Jade Kitchen at Nex is gonna open soon already ((:

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade

Busy eating my liver porridge, YUMS!

Sher's pao fan which tasted so homely but salty

The service level at Crystal Jade Kitchen Taka is so much better.

Movie ‘Let me in’ at Nex at 9.45pm! First time watching movie at Nex we were so excited!

Let Me In

Our movie tickets!

In the theater!

I love love my new Sony camera!!! It can take very dim shots nicely & clearly ❤ ❤ ❤
Not as good as a DSLR though.

Let me in – The movie was about a story of a bullied single parent boy who befriended a vampire girl. Interesting plot with twists here and there. The twelve thirteen years old kids were the stars and they sure were convincing. However I didn’t like the graphics too much and instead of looking like a vampire, Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) looked more like a devil. I felt that the writer might have tried putting too many sub plots into the main plot to the extent that emotions were not discussed or explored in depth. Just my opinion that something’s lacking…

Managed to catch the last bus home and the little drizzle was beautiful.

Happy happy~


zibbie ♔


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