Christmas Eve dinner @ District 10

Came across the Christmas eve dinner list in i-weekly and decided upon District 10.

District 10

Cosy Christmas tree

First time visiting this restaurant, quite a nice cozy ambience. Not too loud not too pretentious, a little homely if not for the overwhelming crowd that night.

Ordered the Christmas buffet @$58++ per pax excl drinks.

The appetizer section


Smoked salmon way too salty. FAILED.


Oysters were highly unfresh and smelt badly. Disappointment much.

Still starters

Very ordinary crystal shrimps which I could cook better in Norway.

The main course

Christmas-y food

Mediocre everything except the angus beef.

Second round appetizer!

Just to neutralize the meati-ness of main course.

The desserts section

The three pathetic types of desserts

Yes only THREE types and all are chocolate xx1, chocolate xx2, chocolate xx3. But i like the chocolate mousse, the one left hand in the photo.

Overall very christmas-y food at a unreasonable price because the ‘premium’ food were not fresh and were huge disappointment. Service was great at first, with attentive servers. However, at 9 plus, they made us waited 45 min for the bill. The cashier did not know about the UOB discount, happily charged $145.01 to my card, then realized it, changed to $132 but my card was bounced BECAUSE THEY FUCKING STUPIDLY DID NOT VOID THE PREVIOUS TRANSACTION. WOOHOO. All these were done at the back end without me knowing. And they happily present me back my card (after fucking 30min) and told me it’s bounced without explaining what happened. Ok nevermind, use Sher’s DBS card to pay first, no discount nevermind. I asked for the void transaction slip, they said they could print it out but the system showed that it’s void. Not wanting to make things difficult for them, I gave them the benefit of doubt and didn’t pursue on since I didn’t sign the receipt under my card.

In total disbelief why the fuck did my card get bounced when I had just activated it on the day to buy my camera and deposited $1000 inside, I rang up UOB hotline. The CSO told me what happened, about them not voiding the transaction etc, I WAS SO GOD DAMN PISSED OFF. KNN. DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THE CASHIER, THEN DON’T. WASTE YOUR OWN TIME NEVERMIND, BUT YOU FUCKING WASTE OTHER PEOPLE’S TIME. I SERIOUSLY CAN’T TOLERATE PEOPLE WITH NON EXISTENCE INTELLIGENCE.

Called District 10 up and told them what happened, gave them a grace period of one day to get back to me (but voiding the transaction is as easily as fucking what? few minutes? but I also understand that those people who screwed up in the first place need like ten times more time then normal people.)

On the following evening which is Sunday, I checked my UOB account and it’s not credited back yet. HELLO WHERE THE FUCK IS MY $145.01?! One staff missed called me but I was busy celebrating my christmas, I didn’t call back AND I DIDN’T HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN.

It’s Monday now and I haven’t checked my account yet. I hope my money is fucking back.




Me, before rubbish happened


zibbie โ™”




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