Gulliver’s Travels 3D & Burger Bench & Bar

First time trying this Burger Bench & Bar (b^3)  @ Cineleisure despite passing by a few times.It is opened by the Wildrocket group so it kinda has a certain standard to its burger!

Chalk board Menu - Old school loves

Zen & cosy interior

Highly inspired by the Japanese concept of sleek, clean and zen, the interior showed a simple layout without too much clutters around, reminded me a little of higher-class MOS Burger.

Fuji apple drink with tag. No. 9 is my favourite number ((:

Houndtooth cup!!!


Their policy...

They claimed to use real meat from Australia and no preservatives etc. Bottom line: Fast food without the junk!


Me slurping the fuji apple drink

Saute mixed mushroom beef burger with fries

5 pieces chicken with chef's special chili sauce


Fuji Apple Drink – $2.80
It was really just the non frizzy fuji apple can drink you can find in major supermarket -____-  A litter ripped off.

5 Pieces chicken – $5
Didn’t expect the chicken to be soooooooo small, worse than Cher’s OCK deformed wing. Total ripped off. The so called chef special sauce was actually chicken rice chili sauce -__________-

Saute mixed mushroom beef burger – $8.20
The burger was quite small, very lady’s portion. However, the beef patty was juicy and not cardboard-ly (unlike some fast food places which claimed half pound beef etc) The mushroom part reminded me of Burger King’s mushroom swiss but this one tasted more natural. There was mayo in between the bun, very interesting because I never really thought about eating mayo together with beef, total sinfulness. The kitchen even heated up the bun and it was slightly crispy on top. It’s no wonder this burger is their top seller. Would definitely pay this price for this burger ((:

Fries – $1.2o for add-on / $2.50 for ala carte
Normal skinny fries, again portion was like Macs kid fries, really $1.20 worth, nothing more… Sadly the Russel chips were out of stock, I would think that it would be worth eating.

Decent place for decent meals at decent prices (only if you know what to order) Will be back for more real beef burgers ((:



Walked around town to look at Christmas lighting while waiting for our movie.

I would prefer a real gold tree ((:

Sher goes for Tiffany anytime.

Us trying not to look too fat.

Headed on to Sour Sally for some frozen yogurt ❤

Sour Sally Yogurt!

Mochi Mix, Kiwi, Strawberry

Love the Mochi mix!! Too bad cupcake was not available. Kiwi tasted ripe which was good cuz I dislike sour fruits. Strawberry was total sour pot :S



Watched Gulliver Travels in 3D!!

Gulliver's Travel 3D

Couldn’t find the epic shot where the Liliput army put off his pants and revealing his ass crack (watch the trailer!)

We just love classic stories told to us over and over again.But such lucky ‘fat & poor boy meets hot & rich girl and they fall in love’ story wouldn’t really happen in real life.

If you are her

Hot, Sexy, with a good career.

Would you wanna date

Fat, unmotivated boy from the mailer room?

I am sorry but beauty and the beast is like one of the most in-your-own-dream kinda fairytale. Imagine all the furs and animal smell OH GOSH, but at least the beast was a king/prince and eventually he would became a handsome man (somewhat more comforting to know) BUT HERE IN THIS STORY HE WAS EVERYTHING A GIRL WOULD THINK TWICE DATING!!

For the 3D part, I felt that there would be no much difference whether you watched this in 3D or in 2D. I wasn’t impressed by the 3 D effects and could have gone for the normal screening (plus cheaper!!) Worth watching in 2D!


zibbie ♔


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