Sunset Grill & Pub with the MS clique.

Second time visiting Sunset Grill with different people but both with cars (lucky~)

The ambiance, well, nothing that great, looked very kampong minus the jet planes in the warehouse next door. Quoting Shiwang “wahhh grass!!! wahhh sky!!! wahhh……” LOL that basically sum up the surroundings.

Maslyn (the classic sian look) & Yunkay (always drinking beer, tsk!)

Ho high after drinking beer.

The driver Deryck & concubine Rayna

Ding Dong Shiwang & me

Cheese fries - $8

I preferred my fries more cooked, the fries were a little too ‘raw’. Usual nacho cheese, not worth the price.

Retro metal tin for the beer jug!

Hamburger - $14/+?

YunKay Mas and Shiwang had to order the same thing. They can be the new ding dong dollies ((:

BBQ combo - ~$29.80

Rayna & Deryck’s (Ben & Jerry’s) love combo. But they felt that it was not worth it, despite the chicken very nice (yes i smelled it too, very xiang herbal smell i li ke)


Level 2 wings - NO KICK!!!

Half dozen about $18.50 Full dozen about $29.50. Full dozen definitely more worth it! Couldn’t really remember the exact prices but the prices increase as the level goes up. I guess to make up for more spice?

Level 5 wings - NO KICK TOO!!!

Hey hey hey, has the spicy level gone down? Half a year ago i went for level three, it was so spicy & peppery & choking and I couldn’t venture more than two wings. But now, I ate three of level 5 wings and it’s like NO KICK. Just that my lips a little swollen for a while but really, so much milder now!! Izzit they ran out of the spice today? And Deryck who song yong everyone to take level 10, almost chui at level 5!!!! TSK TSK.

Mash potato - $4.50

Cherlyn forced me to eat this with her. But secretly I didn’t regret cuz quite nice. Got chunks of potato inside, so was not the very instant type.

Garlic Bread - $3

Quite filling and big pieces.

Overall quite expensive the prices, perhaps to cover for free flow water (people drink a lot when they eat the spicy wings!) and to cover its ulu pandan location and to hire more crew to clean up the vomit (from gek kiang and eat level 30 wings). And yes we ate from light to dark and last orders.

They even have youtube video to get to Sunset Grill… very useful for first timers or even multi-timers who can’t recognize the place.

Then we headed on to NEX to have desserts cuz angsty kuanyee and soopei waiting for us there.

Ben & Jerry's not Ben's & Jerry's

Strawberry chessecake (FAVOURITE) & Chocolate fudge brownies (a bit outcasted)

Serangoon Gang

Hand-made by Yunkay, awwwww

THANK YOU YUNKAY FOR THIS HAND-MADE PHOTOFRAME & PHOTO! (though i preferred the other photo, two version cuz I looked skinnier in Norway.) 你有心了!!!


zibbie ♔



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