First Day of 2011!!!


Woke up at 9am just to meet the doctor-to-be who will be flying on monday. So tempted to sleep on. HELLO CHEN LIYING BETTER BE HONOURED AND STOP BEING MEAN.

Wanted to have Ya Kun for brunch but people were late late late! Tsk tsk, not a good idea to meet the day after party. Ended up having BK, why is chen liying eating western food when she will be having so much in Australia? Three new secrets of the day, chen liying loves western food, she doesn’t like yoshinoya & ba kwa and she thinks the whole world hates me -___-

Outside MOS @ Compass point

The four old macs people.

So many years...

All the best for your studies and take care!


Went to Nex to buy grocery for cooking Jap curry beef & chicken rice later for the girls at my house!


Excluding chicken fillets, white onions & grapes

Mushroom Miso soup

All healthyness ((:

Miso soup with three types of mushroom from the photo (you can add shitake or any other mushroom you like, I am sure it all taste good), add carrots and celery for colour and sweetness to the soup! Remember to add in miso paste at the last minute and DO NOT let the miso soup boil at all. Miso is not supposed to boil, boiling alters its taste.

Jap curry rice

My sister's portion with over flowing curry & little rice

The Jap curry paste can be bought at all major super markets and I don’t really have a brand that I super like. I usually choose the hottest flavour in the range because Jap curry really just taste much more sweet than spicy. Would add some chili padi & black pepper to enhance the spicy-ness.

So most instructions are written at the back of the box and you can just follow it until eventually you have your own cooking style. The trick to make the Jap curry more flavourful is to add some diced apples or pears in the very beginning. If you don’t like to eat onions, you can always boil it together with the apples for 15-20 min until they kinda become whitish, then add carrots and potato etc… Doing so will make the onions disintegrate into the soup and no fear of the over powering smell ((:

Joanne's plum jam ((:

Joanne made plum jam and bought it over to share with us ((: Tasted really awesome! I could taste the plum but not too sour, I think there is some secret ingredients in it!

That's Lucinda & Joanne

There were eight of us and guess what we did? Just nice for two mahjong tables!!

Doris & me!

THE table

The OTHER table

So the million dollar question is, guess which one is the pro table and which one is the amateur one!

And it’s Angela’s first time playing mahjong!!! So proud of her that she managed to win a few rounds! Hahs. This gave the answer away.

Joanne said that if she lived in my house, she would have gained so much weight from giving in to the food temptation. (That’s why I gained 7kg since I got back from Norway ))):  )

The St. Nicholas girls' clique ((:

Special thanks to Angela who bought B & J (Cookies dough & NY Super Fudge) and Pringles to feed us! Thanks Lucinda for the pretty christmas gift and thanks Lingyi, Peifang, Doris, Joanne, Ruyu for coming over for dinner! I HOPE YOU GIRLS HAD FUN ((: I SURE ENJOYED MYSELF!!!

zibbie ♔


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