Fish & Co. @ Glasshouse with the JC mates!

Woke up just in time for lunch! Made sher and me lunch from the grocery we bought on fri night.

Instant lunch

Tonkotsu Ramen

I love ramen! This is even cheaper than the Jap maggi mee we usually bought from cold storage/liang court. Less than $3 for two servings. Tasted almost like the fake deal and if you don’t eat fast enough, the noodle will expand and become soggy to the extend of too eggy. And also full of MSG!! Was so thirsty after eating this and i only drank like a third of the soup. In conclusion, still great enough for an instant noodle, BUT NOTHING BEATS THE REAL DEAL!!

Cod fish fingers

The cod fish fingers which cost $12.95 for ten pieces. So it’s like $1.29 for one piece. It’s real cod fish fillet inside but it almost tasted like normal fillet fish fingers which I think it’s not worth the money. I think dory fish makes nicer fish fingers.

CP Shrimps

I âĪ CP shrimps! But I think the standard drop. Or were I too hungry the other time so I thought it was nice?

Fish & Co. @ the Glasshouse


Ribena never fails ((:


Met the JC mates at Fish & Co. @ the Glasshouse for dinner.

Fish & Co. @ the Glasshouse

It’s ok if you can’t see the faces of the guys, they aren’t really meant to be in the spotlight!! OPS

Ipad as the e-menu

Am I outdated or what, Fish & Co actually uses iPad as they e-menu. WOW. But there was only one lame tossing-the-fish game in it, they should put in more apps for people who were bored from waiting for the food.

See how her face brighten up by the light? The guys should hold a torchlight each so that we can see them.

Ginza Baked Salmon with sautee veg & mash potato

$18.95++ for this main course, comes with two sides (either rice, chips, sautee veg, mash potato). Salmon was not too cooked, well marinated but a little fishy when it’s cold. So I added two slices of lemon to it. A decent meal but not exactly filling.

AJC mates

Drinking Gong Cha

Justin Bieber

The main highlight of the night was Royston’s Justin Bieber hairstyle. LOL! Diana said that it looked too young for his age but too mature for his mentality!! Super funny. Poor Royston… Thanks for being the source of our entertainment!!!
Next up was applying for HDB flats, when and how and who. Age is catching up on us!! I WANT A HOUSE TOO!!


zibbie ♔


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