Sunday brunch at Cafe Cartel!

9th Jan 2011

It’s been YEARS since i last had Cafe Cartel’s breakfast!

Lucky seven!

Free flow bread!

The service level was not bad. The waitress served the free bread almost immediately after we ordered the food. But I prefer my bread thick and fluffy with lots of butter!!! I ❤ butter. Though i rarely eat butter at home.

Flipping through the menu...

Hot chocolate!!

Sher's latte

Add $0.50 for each drink on top of your meal!! So my hot choco and the latte cost $1 together only! Woohoo~

Deluxe Breakfast meal for two!

Includes bacon, pancake, omelette, sausage, french toast and harshbrown. YUMMY.

Totall bill came up to be about $17+/-. Pretty decent breakfast but perhaps we went close to end breakfast hours, the food were not very freshly prepared, like the bacon were a little cold and stiff ):

Dropped by Glacious at the basement of Nex for some frozen yogurt.

Glacious Frozen yoghurt

Self-served frozen yogurt seems like the ‘in’ thing now. You squeeze the amount of yogurt you wanna eat and the price is according to its total weight (yogurt plus the heavy container) Dont be surprised if a little bit of it cost like $6/7!!

Me squeezing th e frozen yogurt!

Went for the plain ones, usually my fav!

The wall paper.

The tip didn't end off sharply!

I didn’t bite the top off!! It came up to about $7, very heart pain cause secretly not nice at all! Would not come back again despite the kawaii and cozy interior.

Posing with the kawaii wall!

Sher's big head

Us (:

zibbie ♔


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