First time doing eyelash extension!!

10th Jan 2011

Texted Yoshika to try eyelash extension with me and she gamely agreed!! So we headed on to City Plaza and tried the extensions at a level one shop called Indulgence. Cluster ones are at $30 and individual strand ones at $60. Why the price difference? The individual strands will be put onto your lashes one by one and it’s supposed to be very natural and it will take twice the time to put.

IMO, asian (eps chi) girls are not well endowed with many lashes, thus this method might not work. Unlike Caucasians (like Angelina Jolie in the movie The Tourist or Jennifer love Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer, compare the before and after photos) where they just needed some depth and length so individual strand method works best for people with naturally many many lashes!

We wanted the dolly look anyway, and cluster is perfect for that falsies look. They used clusters falsies to glue onto our lids & eyelash and repeat for as dense as you want. Then they will set the whole thing by gluing your stray lashes and the falsies. For a more dramatic look as requested by us,  they put one or two coats of black glue to look like mascara.

Me with extensions & eyebrows drawn, nothing else.

With eye liner on.

Yoshika with her extensions!

The Process: My extensions were did by the lady boss/ leader. She was handling money, talking to customers and even pouring wanton mee onto the bowl for her daughter while doing my extensions, WITHOUT ANY GLOVES!!!) FML, I could smell money, noodles on her hands while she was doing the extensions!! I got a serious case of infection after, both eyes were red for two days. I don’t know if I was allergic to her highly unhygienic hands or the glue (I think they used acrylic glue, FOR THE PRECIOUS EYES!!!  f***)

The girl helping Yoshika was more professional, she stayed at the seat during the whole duration and was more attentive. There was another lady who came after us and ask for her, so she must be rather good. Yoshika didn’t have any infections or what, good for her!!! Btw the girl is called May, ask for her when you visit!

OTW to Chinatown


I love her fan shaped extension more!!!

Decided to have dim sum buffet at chinatown though it was 30 min to end of buffet!

Yum Cha, xiang pian

❤ double boiled soup!

zi bao ji, YUMS!

Soft shell crab, freshly fried ❤

banana red bean paste, one of my fav!

xiao long bao

And many others but no hands to take!! Ordered a bit too much and had to ‘destroy’ a few leftovers. Hahas.

Went to watch Love & Other Drugs at PS because we were just too lazy to walk to Cathay!!!

Story line a bit cliche but overall worth watching! Boy meet sick girl, fell in love and how they overcome the obstacles together. There were way too many ‘sex’ scenes in the movie to be M18 only! Ok only the boobs could be seen and private parts were strategically blocked, it’s really a daring movie. Kudos to Anne Hathaway who acted so naturally and beautifully in the movie. She really looked gorgeous and comfortable in her own (naked) skin.

“Love is not about who needs who more but whom you really wanna be with.”


zibbie ♔


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