Yonehachi @ Takashimaya basement!

20th Jan 2011

Been wanting to try this small eatery at Taka basement since it opened like less than two months ago!

It serves Okowa rice with meat/seafood side dishes such as chicken, salmon, unagi, saba. Okowa rice is Jap mochi rice with additional toppings like vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seaweed mixed together, thus the rice itself can be a complete meal and very suitable for lunch box item.

Yonehachi serves five different types of Okowa rice – red beans (original), chestnuts, salmon, Hijiki seaweed and sansai (vegetable). My scallop rice was the special of the day!

My Unagi set with Scallop okowa rice!

Scallop Okowa rice

For this, it was mixed with yummy, well flavoured dried scallop and some seaweed ((: See the pearly shine and firm (but soft!) texture. The rice had a tint of sweetness, nom nom 😀

Unagi ❤

Tender Unagi which was not over cooked, almost melting in the mouth type. ❤

Sher's Salmon Teriyaki set

She ordered the chestnut Okowa rice which had bits of sweet chestnut and big red beans! This rice was slightly on the lighter side compared to my scallop Okowa rice. I liked how the Salmon skin was a bit charred and crispy.

Hijiki Seaweed

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV!!! I ❤ Hijiki Seaweed. First time eating it was at Wasabi Tei (changed chef alre). The one here at Yonehachi was decent, but the flavours were not very well developed, something was lacking… But decent, since a lot of places don’t offer this dish.

Steamed veg

Shitake, bamboo shoots, carrots, lotus, pumpkin (eww I HATE PUMPKIN).

Total bill came up to about $35 for two people, pretty decent for the quality of the food, but slightly over priced for the ambience (more like relax cafe/ food court type). Will be back to try other different types of Okowa rice!

Watch Burlesque at Cine.

Same old plot acted by different stars. Poor country side girl goes to the big city and eventually rises as a big star.With some romance involved of course. I did enjoy the movie though (:

For the first time, I think Christina. A is hot, like she has the stage presence, confident, loud and passionate. She is not the typical pretty girl, but the make up made her transformed to another person (almost).

Looking like Marilyn Monroe!

One doesn’t need to be super pretty or hot to be noticed. If you have got the passion and the talent in what you are doing, anyone can shine like a star, just anyone can…


zibbie ♔



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