Squad dinner @ Sembawang shopping centre

22nd Jan 2011

Continuing from the last post, dinner at Aston at ulu sembawang shopping centre. HELLO CRYSTAL THERE IS ASTON AT THE CATHAY, CAN WE MEET NEARER AND MORE CENTRALIZED NEXT TIME?

My Snapple.

Crystal said that a snapple bottle can fill 300 one dollar coins. Fact of the day. Other than this:

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body.

Which explains why I can tie a cherry knot with my tongue.

The 'good' side

The 'evil' side

So we were just gossiping about people and me being on the ‘evil’ side with crystal, I have to say xiao wen should swatch sides with Zhi min! To avoid being the topic of squadmates’s gatherings, please attend all gatherings faithfully ๐Ÿ˜€ Unless your life is god damn boring and you are god damn confident that we have no gossips about u heeee ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pan fried fish with herbs

Only $7.50 with so much sides!!! Though I always cooked this frozen dory fish in Norway, I haven’t really got sick of it yet. Love Aston’s potato salad.

Crystal's cow

Crystal ordered RARE for the steak and it came almost medium and she requested it to be sent back as she wanted blood. But the staff ‘smartly’ grilled it further and served the same piece. HELLO WE WANT IT MORE RAW, NOT MORE COOKED. So in total she sent the steak back twice before it was medium rare (STILL NOT RARE BUT ONE MILLION YEARS PASSED)

I knew it’s gonna happen for the steak, cuz I tried once at Aston Cathay and they screwed up my steak. Sent back twice before giving up. Furthermore it was a 300gram steak, less easy to be overcooked, FAIL OR WHAT. So next time remember to order one level more rare for your steak at Aston!



zibbie โ™”


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