Nex late lunch on a chilled saturday (:

22nd Jan 2011

Went to Nex for late lunch with the sister and the cousin and sher sher.

Asian Kitchen

Oyster mee sua

I love Oyster mee sua but somehow the one at Asian Kitchen kinda disappointed me a lot. Not flavourful and the mee sua too thick/tough. )):

Sadly it's my order that sucked )):


Delicious fried tang hoon with minced meat and random vegetable. A very simple and homely dish which I would order again ((: Very interesting name too!

lu rou fan

See how small it was?

Pretty decent lu rou fan, but I am sure the one in Taiwan would be much much better! A little overpriced for its portion but just nice for sharing a few other side dishes (:


Duck Crepe

Loved this, crispy crepe wrapped with duck. Must eat it while it’s still hot and crispy!

Dessert was done at Dessert story, super crowded!

Steam Milk

One of my favourite chinese dessert to order. Love its smooth-ness and the thick milky taste. GOOD PASS, WINNER OF THE DESSERT CATEGORY OF THE DAY 😀

Almond paste

I LOVE ALMOND PASTE AND SESAME PASTE!!! The one at dessert story was smooth and not too powdery tasting, I could taste the fresh almond in the paste. Nicer than the one at basement of Nex.

Fruity shaved frozen yogurt

WHO EATS ANG MO DESSERT AT A CHINESE DESSERT PLACE? *points finger at my sister. The usual shaved ice combi, but I won’t really order it in a chinese dessert place -____-

At least my cousin was happy with the shaved ice!

The white-ness pair


zibbie ♔


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