6th Feb 2011

First outdoor meal since CNY! So sick of home-cooked food (though I โค โค โค mum’s cooking)

I love ramen, one thing which I don’t get to eat at home! (maggi mee is not ramen ok.)

Tempopo ramen @ Ngee Ann City

looks like she is wearing the big sg sale shirt, nice shot nonetheless

Food makes me happy ๐Ÿ˜€

Char siew ramen in shoyu soup

Super yummy! Tender char siew, springy noodles and a robust soup, what’s not to love. Just that the soup might be a little too salty after a while. Salt, the best friend of water retention )):

Spicy ramen with pork cutlet

Why didn’t the chili queen me order the spicy ramen? Oh wells, because most spicy ramen are just normal soup base with a lot of chili oil, they are not like the spicy ramen at Beppu ramen with real spicy chili paste!

Crispy tender pork

Goes well with the sweet sauce at the side. But I don’t like to mixย savoryย and sweet so much.


Seaweed in vinegar, one of my favourite. But the mozuku here sucked. All the seaweed were tangled into a lump of mess, the vinegar used tasted too acidic. Nothing beats the one at old-washabi tei (which had changed management). I MISSED WASHABI TEI!!!

Some CNY shots:

With bobs, stipey, poky, whitey (:


zibbie โ™”



  1. hahaha i like the wabits! ๐Ÿ˜
    AND PLS UPDATE MORE OFTEN. or just change to tumblr LOL.
    Then you can reblog. If you are lazy like me muahaha.

    N hahaha I tried to put some comments thgy in my blog le. whooo. u can be the 1st to try hahaha. N ok cya tonight.

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