No point spending $10+$10 to touch up and remove the lash extension!!

1st Feb 2011

It had been a good twenty days since I last did my lash extensions at City plaza and the corners of my extensions were dropping out plus new lashes were growing out and poking my eyes. Needed to fix it before the CNY! Yoshi and I happily went to the same place without calling up for appointment beforehand and guess what? THE WHOLE SHOP WAS PACKED LIKE SARDINE!!! We waited like almost two hours before they attended to us. And no, we did not wait for world class services. It was just pre CNY crowd + cheap services.

And so during the touch-up, with my eyes closed, I could heard the lady cutting some parts of my extensions and poking my eyelids. After 5 minutes of sloppy job, she said she is done. Ok, that’s fast, compared to the two hours we waited. While inspecting my new touch up, I discovered a hole in my right eye extension. And my straying baby lashes were merely just cut away (I could still see them!!) or glued to the old extensions. SIGHS. The shape of the new extension looked droopy and cursed, FML. And the staff couldn’t be bothered and told me it look perfectly fine and touch up is like that one. KNNNNNNNNNNN. NOT GOING BACK THERE TO DO EXTENSION AGAIN!!!

Nevermind, since it’s CNY I let it go. GONNA SPEND THE $90 SEPHORA VOUCHERS TO CHEER ME UP.

Had very very late lunch (all thanks to waiting at City Plaza) at Crystal Jade. âĪ their porridge ((:

Yoshika with her yummy porridge

Smile! Don't be pissed with them alre!

Fav pig liver porridge

I almost always order pig liver porridge at Crystal Jade because they do the liver so well that it’s a little crunchy, freshly sweet and totally flavourful. YUMS! I have the habit of taking the liver out before eating so that they won’t be overcooked. Hands up if you do the same!

Fried carrot cake

Disappointment of the meal. Might be because it had become cold and soggy already )):

haaaaaaaaaw gao

So so only, the skin broke super easily and the prawn texture wasn’t firm enough. There weren’t much choices left anyway, since it was so late, most of the popular dimsums were already OOS. Remember to go earlier to prevent disappointment!

With my fav porridge ((:

Spent $120+ in Sephora and $30 in Watson. COULDN’T RESIST SHOPPING.

Loots of the day, excluding eyeliner

Product reviews when I am free!



I took out the new touched-up extensions within seven days because they were just falling apart and poking my eyes!! Totally unacceptable!!! Paid another $10 to remove the extensions at the shop. They put some removal cream on my extensions and I waited like 40 min (while they happily chit-chat) before they realized I was still there. The staff tried pulling the extension off but I think she didn’t put enough cream, some couldn’t come off and guess what? SHE F-ING CUT THE REMAINING EXTENSIONS OFF ALONG WITH MY REAL LASHES.

Well done and excellence move. Now I have two bald spots on my lash line and overall loss of eyelashes. ARGHHH. Immediately bought a Canmake eyelash essence to condition the remaining warriors on my lids. SOBS. I paid $10, can buy how many tubs of your low grade removal cream? Need to be so cheapo and use so little on my poor eyelash?!

Bottom line: DON’T VISIT THAT SHOP IN CITY PLAZA EVEN IF IT IS SUPER CHEAP!!! The shop name is called Indulgence at level 1.

Pray for my precious lashes please.


zibbie ♔



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