Dinner @ Ootoya Orchard Central

Went to Ootoya @ OC two months ago (yes, I havent blogged for months, final sem is killing me softly….. and I know Iam supposed to be writing my 8k FYP but….)


Ootoya @ Orchard Central

Chanced upon this Japanese restaurant randomly at OC because I was craving for some Japanese rice! It was so crowded on Valentines’ days and we waited about half an hour to be seated. Luckily this did not disappoint 😀

The usual hot green tea


My fav photo of that night (other than the food)

She was still in the CNY mood (but nice shade of maroon!)

Still waiting for the food.....

Tofu & wakame seaweed salad

Healthy orgasm!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I would have expected the tofu to be the type which you can buy from the supermarket but no, I was so wrong! This tofu was absolutely hand-made and tasted nothing like its instant counterpart (I always think that uncooked instant tofu has this very raw powdery, acidic taste, maybe it’s just me). This salad had almost like a tau hway texture and taste but tasted so refreshing and creamy/mousse-y. It paired gorgeously with the salad sauce too.

At $6.50++ this is a must try!

Hijiki Salad

If you read my blog, you would have guessed that I will order this Hijiki Salad! heehee ❤ Hijiki salad but I haven’t found any close dupe to the one ex-Washabe Tei chef made )): $3++ not really impressive…

Salmon Teriyaki

This dish was the only disappointment that night. The salmon was thin and overcooked and dry and boney and tasteless and pathetic. At $15++ this was a total rip off. Don’t bother try this dish unless you feel like torturing your tastebud.

Ootoya Special Dish Set


Mini side dish

Tororo Rice

Sher’s Ootoya Special Dish Set was a combination of homemade croquette and deep fried chicken with sunny side up as the main dish. Frankly speaking, I don’t really like to eat fried food when I eat Japanese food because I think that fried food is so instant, so shortcut, so doing injustice to the taste. (but I do like to eat fried fast food occasionally!) This set would be suitable for fried food fans, pretty decent I would say.

The Tororo rice was just grated yam on top of the usual white rice. First time trying, not really sure how it should taste like but the yam made the rice too mashy for my liking. Set $15++ with $1.75++ topped up for the tororo rice.

Pork loin and vegetables stir-fry with black vinegar set

My yummy porky!

Mini salad

THIS WAS MY SECOND FAV DISH OF THE NIGHT!! It was an interesting combi of black vinegar stir-fry with pre fried pork loin! Reminded me of chinese Sweet & Sour Pork but here, the pork chunks were bigger and the pork used was firmly tender (oxymoron?). The black vinegar sauce was not your usual chinese black vinegar, the sauce was a perfect marriage of sweet and sour exploding in my mouth YUMMMMMMMY!!!

Also loved the lotus stir-fry with the meat, crispy and crunchy and flavourful (: Definitely another must try at $17++

A table full of food = HAPPY ME

Special complimentary dessert for ladies

V day’s special for the ladies, we got one each 😀 A simple but sincere dessert to end of the day. And a big thank you to Mr. Mandy (his nametag ok!) for providing attentive service to us despite the crowd and serving us with a HUGE SMILE 😀   

Ootoya served pretty decent bento sets at pretty reasonable prices and I will definitely go back again soon! *craving for the tofu salad now~ 

zibbie ♔


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