Freshness Burger @ Nex

Went to Freshness Burger at Nex like in FEBRUARY..  ok I hope it’s not too outdated…

Freshness Burger originated from Japan and currently there are four outlets opened in Singapore. Nex, Century Square, The Central and Causeway Point (not sure if it’s opened already)

Freshness Burger @ Nex

The interior

Ok, so the theme should be leaning towards the Japanese type since the brand is from Japan right. But the interior did not transmit the ZEN feeling, definitely not the usual vibe like MOS (bright and white). Can’t say if I like it or not though. I did notice that every table had a clear vase of fresh flowers, quite a sweet and sincere addition to the atmosphere IMO.

Freshness Flowers

The condiments

Fried Potato $2.80

$2.80 for 6/7 pieces of potato wedges. SUPPOSEDLY MADE FROM POTATO GREW IN HOKKAIDO FARMS!!! Ok I was curious about it, so I ordered to see if it’s way better than the usual cheaper potato wedges. The verdict was sadly N-O! They just tasted like the normal plain wedges and no, I didn’t suddenly turn into an organic goddess from eating this. Or maybe my taste buds weren’t sharp enough. 

Good old Onion rings $3.20

These cute rings were also grew in Hokkaido farms. These rings were made with completed circles of onions, not like those mashed up type (get what I mean? hard to explain) coated with the batter and deep fried. I liked it. But I hate the piece. That were all we got, 7 pieces of rings, really.

Chicken nuggets $3.50

Didn’t impress either. $3.50 for FIVE pieces of SMALL nuggets. And no, the menu did not mention that these chicken are from Hokkaido farms……

The Burgers:

SPAM burger $3.80

Quite an interesting burger cuz I don’t really see another fast food chain serving SPAM! It had a very homely taste to it. This being said, one can easily make it at home. You just need SPAM (in your fav flavour), sunny side up, tomato and cabbage ((: But for lazier people like us, this burger is like comfort food to our hungry tummy!

Freshness Burger $3.50

The cross-sec

I need to emphasize that I love beefy patty. For a satisfying beef patty, I look for the beefiness and the juiciness of the patty. This Freshness Burger’s patty, well, CAN YOU EVEN LOCATE IT?! I almost thought that I was eating a vegetarian burger! Quite disappointing IMO, or maybe I am just biased. I NEED A HEARTY BURGER!!! 

Food tasted pretty okay but did not justify the price. Mostly misses though I have to give other burgers a chance. Til then….

zibbie ♔


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