Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House @ Ion

On the same day I had Todamgol at Tanjong Pagar, I went to Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House @ Ion with the Sister and cousin 🙂 Had to get a farewell gift for my colleague, I hope he likes the gift!

Actually Imperial Treasure Noodles & Congee House sells very similar food as Crystal Jade Kitchen. Congee, La Mian, Xiao Long and the sides. I think I am leaning towards Crystal Jade food slightly more, maybe a bit more than slightly. hahahs.



So the usuals which I will order is one porridge and one La Mian to be shared. I love varieties 🙂

I ordered the beef with pork liver porridge, but they served me fish with pork liver instead. I didnt realize it initially as I was scooping some for my cousin and making sure that she ate them. There were many fish bones in the fish slices which I find it disturbing and unappetizing. I tried to avoid the fish slices as I ate the porridge.

Sis ordered the beef La Mian with the beef baskets and tendons, it was good choice! Love the soup and meat and tendons, tender and yummy. Just that the noodles was too thin and soggy and reminded me of some overcooked wanton mee.


Love Hong You Chao Shou too, it’s like more worth it than xiaolongbao because of more dumplings in one bowl!



Fried silver whitebait. Another favourite which I always order at Crystal Jade.

With the cousin who posed for us as per our request, LOL. I think she can go into acting next time, I see some young talent. hee hee.

Ended the day off with some Sour Sally ❤


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