La Palette

In the midst of finding the perfect farewell gift for my colleague, my eyes wandered. They always wander around…

Walked past this store a few times but it had never been intriguing for me to enter the store. This time round, my sister was the one who started it: “THE BAG IS SO NICE! I wonder whats the price”

Me: “Just go in and see lo.” (and me secretly eyeing the blue bag on the display window.)

So after spending thirty minutes in the store, both of us came out $269 poorer each 😦 but happy with our haul~

Here’s presenting La Palette’s Cupcake!

Buckinghamguard Bag

Soldier boy

The reversible plain side which you can carry to face the world when you are feeling minimalistic.

❤ the gold hardware. I think gold suits me a lot

Inside, with the thick jacquard lining

This is such a love at first sight. It is a very LV speedy shaped bag which i adore. The part which means me part with my money is the intricate leather cutting in front of the bag. Reminds me of chinese paper cutting. And so london inspired, I miss London 😦 BTW the bag is not made of leather, which is quite disappointing, cause I love leather texture and the smell.

La Palette is a Korean brand which carries its home brand and also indie brands such as Hong Kong Cupcakes. I find the bags rather quirky and suits youngsters to young adults. Price point wise I find it a bit high as most bags are not made of real leather. Check out more on their official website and my bag brand

So the sis got the white backpack, which is rather casual but suitable for her occupation as nurse!

Zebra City Backpack

Silver hardware

Zebra City Backpack

So, which one do you like? 🙂

ADDRESS : 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #B3-39, Singapore 238801

TEL: +65 6634 2884


10:30AM~10:00PM (FROM FRI. TO SUN.)

zibbie ♔


8 thoughts on “La Palette

  1. I love the last bag!!! I saw it on someone and it was love at first sight, then i wanted to take a pic of it, then my camera had flash in, so the person turned and looked at me weirdly…felt so sad…hahah…

  2. hi zibbieko,
    i’m thinking of getting one of these bags for my girlfriend. just wondering if you could tell me did you and your sister’s bags last? it looks pretty durable but is it? thank you!

      • The bag is not really in good quality, fraying of the sides / corners as usual wear and tear. Bag material is not leather 😦 Used it for about 1.5 – 2 years, approximately 3 days weekly… Think I rather save up for branded bags instead


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