Todamgol @ Tanjong Pagar Lunch

Went to try out a new Korean restaurant with the DSD on last thurs (30th AUG) because we heard good reviews about it. And Cherlyn’s colleague went to try it a few days back and it really seems good.

Reached the restaurant at about 12.10pm and surprisingly it was not very full. Looked at the lunch menu and there was only 5 – 6 choices of set lunch available. No ala carte ordering allowed.

Cherlyn wanted Kim Chi Jjigae set but it was out of stock (WHAT?!). It was almost like you go to Macdonalds and Fries are out of stock. Disappointed. So we order two bibimbap and one beef hotplate.

The free sides. Supposedly advertised as 8 free sides, but they only came 6. And Cherlyn asked a pinoy waiter why, he said he didnt know as this is decided by the owner. We were quite impressed by his taiji way of reply nothing else was impressive.


Bibibap was acceptable, love the generous vegetables but there was no meat to spice up the the flavour. I am a meat loverz and also a veg loverz. Beef was a bit boring and tough. Flavourful but tough 😦


Overall we paid $12 ++ for each set. I think price point is average, considering how much a proper Korean dinner cost in Singapore. Checked online for dinner menu, which has much more variety and look more appetizing. Might be back for dinner next time!


But for now, we will just stick to Amara Hotel Hyang-To-Gol set lunch!






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