Brotzeit @ Somerset 313!

Second time visiting this chain of German bar, first time was at Vivocity. Food portion is unusually huge and it is best to come in groups of 4 or more to get more variety of food.

Finally managed to meet up with the FYP Underdogs on Friday (31st AUG), we have been meeting on other weekdays and our gossip session always have to end abruptly 😦 And the thought of working the next day is always depressing.


SiewHui ordered the Spezi drink with the cheery colourful bottle. We think it tasted like cola with less sugar, a bit commercial tasting but the bottle sure cheer us up! Sandar had craving for lime juice after I told her I might order the Pineapple juice. hhahas but I ordered Ginger Ale in the end. I was expecting the drink to come in bottles like that of Marche. But it came in a can which was totally what I could get in NTUC for less than a dollar 😦

Seafood Salad

For a price tag of $20++, I expected more from this salad. Or maybe other dishes were too meaty and I needed some veg to balance it out.

Sausage Platter

Didnt quite like the white fat one as it was too soft and felt like I am eating fats. My fav would be the one with spices chilli flakes in it.

Pork Knuckles!

Pretty awesome pork knuckles but a tad too salty. We couldnt really finish the meat, even with the never-full Sandar, hahahas. I loved how the skin remained crispy even after one and a half hours. Oh I missed the pork skin crackers I had in Brussel.

Apple Strudel

I was not expecting a soft skin strudel, am too used to the crispy type. Quite an interesting dessert but it was just not up my palette.

We ended the night off with a pint of mango juice beer. Kinda sounded gross right, but surprisingly the mango juice didnt taste fake / syrupy. It made the beer so easy on my throat with its smooth and sweet concoction. Will be back for this yummy beer!

Overall Brotzeit is a nice chilling place to hang with your friends. With a big group is the best so that you can try all the variety and not get too sick of the meat. Quite expensive I would say, bill came up to about $50 per person. But the company and gossips made it worth it 🙂


Brotzeit 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road
#01-27 Discovery Walk

zibbie ♔

strawberry, char kway tiao, giraffe, dimsum !


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