Last Saturday (1st SEP) was Sentosa’s 40th birthday! Sher and I initially planned to have lunch at the Korean buffet at Resort world. Upon reaching vivocity to take the express train to Sentosa, we saw some exhibition booth and mascots wearing the birthday hats.

And free entrance to Sentosa for that day, WOOHOO~ bet a lot of people already knew about this special day, thus there were many tourists and locals queueing to get into Sentosa. Luckily we got there rather early 😀

After quite a disappointing lunch, we hopped over to Candylicious. So colourful and pretty~ And we cam-whored a bit. hee hee.

Huge lollipop!

Purple lollipop ❤

Little angel me, bhb lol

Golden cup for teatime!

I want a princess wallpaper!

So fluffy I can sink into it (plush~)
Sher got it for me muahahahah

Her fav jelly beanies!

And hopped over to the forum and then Siloso Beach!


or O for Octopus!

Mr Tinman

Mr Tinman for me too!

Were you afraid of clowns when you were young?

I queued for the free balloon sculpturing cause the pink was so hard to resist!

Matches my lipstick too right ❤

With the imaginary house and the imaginary pink pet.

Had so much fun at Sentosa and hadn’t really visited it for a long time. Cuz I ain’t into tanning anymore, I want to be snow white now. hahahahahs.  And took a few polaroids but they were all overexposed. sad max 😦 time for a new cam!!

zibbie ♔


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