Little Green Pot Terrarium Workshop!

Sher and I went for a Terrarium Workshop last Sunday (9th SEP) organized by Little Green Pot.

It was total pouring heavily since 2 plus in the afternoon, we called in a cab to bring us safely to the venue at Hougang.

The workshop was held in a small tuition centre and it was a cozy room with about 7 pairs of tables. Do try to reach on time or slightly earlier so that you get to choose your own pots with different type of ribbons! There were about six people who chose before us already. But there was still a cute purple polka dot ribbon left for me to choose! Matchy with my new purple lace dress, hee hee.

There are two different types of bottles available, Sher and I gotten different bottles:

Purple Polka dots for me and Brown Stripes for Sher

Matchy matchy!!

In each bottle, there are already pre-packed sachets for all five layers of terrarium. Oh, if you are too lazy to attend the workshop, you can also buy the DIY Terrarium Kit from their website. It is really easy to assemble and it will be so special as you made it yourself! 🙂

Pre-packed convenience!

First Layer

First layer is the small pebbles, this is to mimic the drainage system of normal potted plants, as water cannot flow out of the bottle if you water a little too much water.

Second layer


Second layer is crush charcoal. It is a natural deodorizer! What a good idea for no smelly plants around you 🙂

Third Layer

Just pour them in!

What does it look like now?

I kinda like how the dried moss look like. It looked like ba hu (pork floss) right? hahahahas. And I think the trainer said that this step can be skipped for small terrarium like ours, but the workshop included it for our wholesome understanding and knowledge 😀

Pour in the soil next.

I was quite worried to see an earthworm or something. Luckily the trainer gave us gloves to wear which somehow put my mind at ease.

Press the soil down lightly.

Volcano cater.

Next make a volcano crater with the back of the spoon. Need a big hole, for the roots of the plants.

Pot of plants

Uproot one stalk of the plant

One stalk of plant

Use the wooden chopsticks to poke and loosen the soil around the roots. And gently pull it out and remove some of the soil around the roots. Then trim some of the longer roots to stun growth, won’t want the plants to overgrown and expanded out of the bottle.

Three cute stalks of different colours!

They are of the same plant species just that they have different coloured leaves. Supposed to be pretty hardy plants which needs minimum maintenance.

Put them into the crater.

Top view 🙂

Pour the colourful gravel in

Last official layer for the terrarium is the colourful gravel, other than being pretty, its purpose is to offer some weight to hold down the loose soil.

Almost completed 😀

Add in a deco piece (Sher’s)

And sprinkle some water! (Sher’s)

Mine!! (ok I think the Kangaroo looks a little evil here.)

A little disappointed that there was no flamingo or other girly deco pieces around.



Happy Us ❤

The workshop was kept short and simple. Not lengthy and boring because most of the time was spent at building our own terrariums. We completed within one hour! Trainer was helpful and went around attending to students to make sure that they were not lost. I think it will be so worth the $24 / person paid if the deco pieces were nicer, hahahahs.

Will recommend this workshop for kids to adults as it will be such fun and bonding time, and you get to bring home one bottle of self-made terrarium, ain’t that special ^^

zibbie ♔


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