Dim Sum @ Peach Garden

Met up with the bestie Yoshika and Sher last last Sunday (2nd SEP) to satisfy our random dim sum cravings. I always have weird random cravings and I give myself excuse that I am PMS-ing (usually for the whole month) LOL.

We planned to try the Taste Paradise @ Ion which had many raving reviews online. But we tried calling on Sunday morning itself and there was totally no seats available and they do not take walk-in customers. Read online that Taste Paradise needs one week advance RSVP to guarantee place. Oh man, need to be so popular ma….

So one of the other popular one is Peach Garden. It has a few outlets, at Thomson, Novena, Hotel Miramar, OCBC Centre. Called the Hotel Miramar outlet but the person said that the dimsum selection there is not very good, we should try the outlet at Thomson. In the end we went to the OCBC Centre Outlet instead as it was nearer to me! hee hee.

Whole OCBC centre was closed on Sunday as no one is really working. It was quite difficult to find cause it was our first time. The only entrance to the lift lobby is through the back carpark. Too bad we didn’t make advance RSVP, else we could have sat next to the huge ceiling to floor window and to oversee the concrete landscape. One bad point I foresee though, is being potentially sunburnt, hahahahs.

Century egg porridge

Porridge was blahhh. Not the very mushy sticky canto type that I love. Always wonder how the chef tear the chicken into such fine threads for the porridge. hmmmm

Char Siew Su

Pretty decent tasting Char Siew Su, pastry was buttery and filling had the just right amount of sweetness / saltiness.

Har Gao and Spinach Dumplings

Har Gao with the succulent crystal prawns and thin skin = YUMMY! I don’t like those Har Gao with minced prawn pieces inside, like very skimping on ingredients. I liked that the spinach dumplings were not heavy on the taste of spinach, only the skin had the taste. Must order next time!

Siew Mai with Prawns

Yes prawn GA-LO-RE. I think that almost every other dish had prawns in them, so that the price hiked without being unreasonable (~$4.80 ++ / plate). Siew Mai meat filling was not the fatty minced meat type,<3

Xiao Long Bao ❤

We ordered two longs of xiao long baos! Loved how each xiao long bao had its own spoon, so that it won’t break and lose the soup when you lift it up. But the spoon was piping hot, so this idea was not the best 😦
See how fully filled was each bao and yes it was oiishi juicy!

XO Carrot Cake

Recommended dish by the waitress. Not bad tasting, it was a very simple dish. But no XO taste, tasted like what I could get for $3 at some hawker centre. The price was the disappointing one, whopping $10++ zomg. Will not order next time

Liu Sa Bao

Volcano Eruption

Love how fluid-y the filling was, but still lacking the punch of a perfect liu sa bao. I think the egg yolk was not enough. Still better standard then average though 🙂

Below few dishes were quite mehhh to me, would not really recommend them:

Beancurd Dumpling thingy in ‘tasteless’ Superior Broth

Yam balls with minced meat fillings. Preferred the ones from Crystal Jade

Egg Tarts, crust was too weirdly sweet and eggy centre was not flavourful. Tasted pretty synthetic. Preferred the ones from Crystal Jade too.

Rice Dumplings Rolls, skin was too thick 😦

Bill came up to be about $25 per person after all the misc charges. Overall standard was not bad, pace of serving was good. Orders did not come all at one go and get pile ten stacks on our table, which I appreciate cause I am a rather slow eater. Servers were polite and attentive and prompt in filling our cups with tea. Pity the dimsum selection was quite few and repetitive.

Will be back to try the outlet at Thomson next as I heard that it has more variety 🙂

65 Chulia Street #33-01
OCBC Centre
Tel: +65 6535 7833
Mon – Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Sun / PH: 11.30am – 3pm

zibbie ♔


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