China Glaze ‘Don’t Be A Square’ Nail Polish swatches

Been feeling down recently, so needed a colour boost for my life!! Something bright, something glittery, like China Glaze ‘Don’t Be A Square’!

My favourite combi for this nail polish is with ‘Northern Lights’, a silvery hologram top coat which resembles a million stars at the right angle / lighting.

Fav combi!

First on China Glaze ‘Don’t Be A Square’, it applies smoothly, texture is a bit watery but dries almost instantly. Like you can touch the first nail after you have painted all ten nails. And within ten minutes, viola, the nails are all set 🙂

First Coat – Very sheer.

After three coats

I love intense colours, so I usually apply three coats for my nails polish. After three coats, ‘Don’t Be A Square’ still let a bit of your nail bed peek through. I don’t really like the finish, it is a bit dull.

Blur shot to show the sparkles 🙂

With the Northern Lights top coat


Under direct sunlight ❤

Overall I find China Glaze’s nail polish standard on par with OPI. It is just not as common, especially in Asia because not a lot of salons / shops stock them. China Glaze also has periodical collection launches throughout the year like OPI. Some major US-based online website also don’t ship them internationally, I got my friend to ‘smuggle’ some bottles out for me, teehee.

zibbie ♔


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