Sunday Brunch @ TWG Tea Salon & Boutique (ION Orchard)!

Following the tiring queueing for the opening of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and happy hauling at ION Orchardwe hopped over to TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at Ion. Been wanting to try TWG brunch for a long time, especially the outlet at MBS.


Checking the menu out


Like YSL Casing right, LOL

The waiter recommended some floral white tea which we didn’t get, as I thought it smell too perfume-y. We ordered Sakura! Tea which tasted like overdosed cocktail cherry, a tad like black forest gone wrong. Will not order this flavour again 😦

Freshly made Apply Juice & Sakura!Sakura! Tea

Sher was so fascinated by this sugar cup and its spoon.

And kept playing with it!

so happy


The massive type of tea available. Love how the display looked like oriental medicine drawers and the likes.

Would be perfect if the setting becomes more victorian style inspired. Like a French chair, some flowers on each table, chandeliers etc etc.


Secretly starving

Lasagna Bolognese Ragout $20++

This was superly tasty and satisfied my hunger that day. It had chunky meat in it and we also identified bits of seafood pieces. The tomato soupy sauce around the pasta matched the melted cheese and pasta fillings perfectly. Will definitely order it again the next time (feeling hungry again while typing this)

Seared Scallop on a bed of mango

Bursting of colours.

I think now is the not season for yellow mango. The mango was not very sweet. Scallops were pretty bland. Will not be ordering this dish again. Sher said I could cook this better. LOL. (please buy a bag of scallops next week if you are seeing this).

The pastry tower!

Which is supposed to be the highlight of brunch!

Marmalade & Fresh Cream

I love love love the fresh cream!! It had the just right consistency and texture and tasted like fresh milk. I could eat it on its own. Or with the scones to be the best couple of the meal. hee hee.

Scones and Raspberry Muffin

I had always disliked scones and didn’t understand why people like the dry and tasteless piece of flour. Then this TWG scones totally blew my mind off. It was warm and a bit moist, and all the dried fruits mixed in the scones made it so delightful! (I dislike fruit cake btw).
The waiter recommended Raspberry muffin instead of chocolate muffin. Oh boy it did not fail us. Freshly made muffin with Raspberry swirls is ❤

Pistachio Cake

Part of the set meal came with a pastry from the tea trolley. There were fruit tarts, chocolate cake, mango cake and we chose the Pistachio cake for a change. The citrus-y passionfruit puree at the bottom was quite a failed attempt to neutralize the sweetness of the Pistachio cream. Further sweeten by the little chocolate balls in between the cream (they are not red beans). Too much sweetness for my liking.

Rose Macaron

The glutton me saw some macarons and wanted to try them out. Sher recommended the rose macaron, did not disappoint! Tasted like rose syrup (in a good way) with nutty bits in between the rose puree. The crust was not tough or too sweet . I ❤ this combination!

Us full and happy 🙂

On a side note, all TWG dishes are infused with tea, which explains the super expensive price tag.

Overall dining experience was great, servers were attentive and food was served warm. Oh and they charged an extra macaron to our bill, and we merely highlighted this to the server, the floor manager immediately offered to give us three macarons for the extra charged. I love it that an eatery is able to rectify their mistakes on the spot, fuss-free and sincere. Those servers who gave excuses like “I don’t know / higher management decision / I will get back to you (and never got back)” etc, really reflects on how well they are trained for customer services. TWG gets thumb up for this visit 🙂

ION Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn #02 – 21,
Singapore 238801

zibbie ♔


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