Little TGIF Adventure @ Johor :))

Sher and I took leave on friday to pig out at Johor and to sing Karaoke at City Square. We prefers going to JB on a weekday less crowded day! The day began with rather disappointing meal, which Sher was raving before we arrived at the restaurant. Guess the chef had quit and we should have trusted the crowd (at other restaurants).

Happy me anticipating for the meal

Bak Ku Teh with enoki mushrooms

We chanced upon this random shop which sells many lanterns in different characters.

Mid Autumn Lanterns

I bought this! Cuz I am a dragon baby 🙂

Which one is your favourite?

To the biggest highlight of this short day trip. Karaoke at Neway!! It was a super good deal, RM 24++ / person to sing from 1PM to 7PM, and inclusive of one drink and one snack. woohoo~~ We had a very full lunch, thus we didn’t order our food till 4 plus. Last order for food is 4.45PM before the kitchen changes the menu to dinner.

Whole room to ourselves! #37

So clean and cozy

Smell good too!

But the TV a bit small though…

Microphones were relatively new and good too. No broken wire, no off tune echoes. We found many old-er / long forgotten songs to sing!!

And two hours into singing, a room assistance came in with a bowl which made us LOL (in a very pleasant way):


So bloody thoughtful right? I give five out of five stars for service. She was polite and did not rush our orders and she agreed that the pineapple juice sucks!! hahahahahs.

6 pieces of halves chicken wings

Potato Palette, guess who ordered this.

Neway did not sting on the inclusive food either. The portion was enough for a proper meal, super worth it. But the fried food did not make my sore throat better (the candy did, hee).

I will definitely come back again! On a weekday of course 🙂


Spent one hour plus in Inglot:

Happy haul of the day 😀

Off to Kim Gary for late dinner

Kim Gary @ City Square, reminds me of lunchbox

Old School Mugs

Brosch Soup

Pork Chop spicy noodles. It’s a must order for me!

Fried veg wanton

Curry Fish Ball, aroma curry

Sums up our little adventure to JB! Cant wait to do it again :))

zibbie ♔




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