Went on a short family trip to Malaysia to visit some of my relatives! Food and fun and kiddos and family all the way ๐Ÿ˜€

First stop is to fill the hungry tummies!

Dad found this Nasi Padang stall with good reviews online and been wanting to try it out!

Padang freestyle yo.

Rice scoop made of coconut husk.

A perfect scoop of rice.

Mixed veg

Fried Chicken, very well marinated. Pity it was not hot / freshly fried.

Fried potato balls and fried fish. A tad oily, also not freshly fried on the spot.ย 

Tender Sotong

I think this is mutton, a bit salty.

Fried eggplant with potato wedges.

Bill came up to be RM 57 for the five adults and two kids, including drinks. Worked up to be approximately $4.50 per adult which we thought was pretty decent.ย The owner was friendly and service was good. Overall food was great for a simple lunch for a stopover while driving in Malaysia. But I don’t think it was worth it to go out of the way to try it.


The two geese reared by my Grandma.

Some random fungi growing on an abandoned log. Kinda looked like Lingzi

With my youngest cousin! (not son)

The super hyper cousins!

ๆ็ฏ็ฌผ TIME!

Apparently Angry Bird is still the top pick among children this year. #generationgap


Ya another angry bird.

A dragon lantern fit for the Dragon (me!)

Double Dragons Double Fun! (and no, he is not twelve this year)ย 

one fifth strength of all my cousins from the Mum’s side.

Power Rangers

Not much mooncake eating this year, guess I am growing old already, hahahhhaaas. And I prefer snowskin mooncakes way better than traditional baked. Didn’t have the time to shop for my snow skin as I kept thinking mid autumn festival will be on mid Oct :/ blur me.

I shall reunite with myย snow skinย next year! Hope you guys out there had fun ๐Ÿ™‚

zibbie โ™”


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