An Autumn-Inspired Look using Inglot AMC 51 & DS 502 (mini tutorial)

This Autumn-inspired look was the very first look I tried, using the Inglot Palette I bought recently. I agree that orange is a very tricky shade to be used on Asian skin, especially the orange shades which pull more warm, reddish undertone.

So I did a mini tutorial on this look. Please note that I am not a professional make up artist, I just do make up my own way ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow at your own risk!!

Apply AMC 51 on inner half of the eye lids. Extend up to the crease / double eye lid line.

Apply DS 502 on the outer half of the lids. Also up to the crease / double eyelid line. No need to be too strict on getting the mid-point / equals parts of colours.

Use a black / brown eyeliner to define the eye.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Mascara to open up your eyes further.

Put on your favourite pair of falsies!
Optional if you are naturally blessed with thick & long lashes. #jealous

Lastly, touch up the eyeshadows to intensify the colours.
1. Blend the two colours in the middle for a gradient look.
2. Try not to blend the two colours in the middle for a contrasting look (which I am trying to achieve here)

Use some of DS 502 as lower lash liner so that focus stays on the upper eyelids. Apply some mascara on the lower lash line too.

The purpose of not extending the eyeshadows above the crease line is to achieve a more subtle look when you open your eyes.

The colours are obvious when you close your eyes or blink. -winkwink

In the flash light. (pardon my peeling nose, flu)

In the sunlight

Full Face


I have gotten both compliments and critics on this look. Some like it, some don’t like it. You can consider using this look for Halloween because the orange is like pumpkin. For a more Autumn look, canย substituteย with brown eyeshadow on the outer lid.

Hope you enjoy this simple Autumn-Inspired look ๐Ÿ˜€

zibbie โ™”


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