Kushi Yakitori Dining Bar @ Hotel Windsor

Found this little gem which is one bus stop from my house and regretted not discovering it earlier. It was a random day and I had cravings for Sashimi and Oyster buffet for lunch. Usually most hotel lines do serve these two combi, but it is usually during DINNER time :(( So yes, I managed to find this place perfect for my cravings!

Kushi Yakitori Dining Bar @ Hotel Windsor serves a great variety of Japanese food at a very competitive buffet price. Lunch menu and Dinner menu are the same, but Dinner is about $8++ more expensive if I didn’t remember wrongly. There are three different buffet menus, starting from $41.90++, $61.90++ to $100++.

Core dishes are the same, just that the more expensive ones serve more variety of premium sashimi (Toro / Hotate sashimi). But we usually go for the $41.90++ set, I mean like how much Toro / Hotate can one eat to justify the $20++ more and neglect other yummy food! Check out the $41.90++ menu here.

Fresh Oysters as starters! But not always fresh, depends on your luck.

Very good variety of sashimi! Has my favourite Amaebi ❤

Salmon, Hamachi, Ika, Mekajiki, Shiro Maguro, Amaebi. *spams

Ebi & Enoki Tempura

Assorted Kushiyaki. Freshly Grilled yums

Rainbow Roll, very filling

With the pretty Salmon flower at the side.

Shabu Shabu, comes with Wagyu beef (i think wagyu is limited to 100g / pax)

Special order, plain salad with no toppings. Cuz we got sick of fish and meat!

MTV wind effect. It rained while we were eating. shiok.

Sher as the photographer!

Overall a very awesome place for Jap food cravings, will go every month if I am rich. hahahhahahas.

zibbie ♔


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