Inglot 2nd Haul! AMC 56, Rainbow 114, Rainbow 107, Blush 69

Missed out the Rainbow eyeshadow palette the previous time and I couldn’t forget about the matte yellow / pink nail polish. So I am back with a second haul from Inglot!

Let the pictures do the talking ๐Ÿ˜€

Inglot Eyeshadow AMC 56

Khaki Green with golden glitters.

Inglot Eyeshadow AMC 56

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 114R

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 114R

Three individual shades of purples!

Crystal asked if I got purple in my stash, like true purple purple, my answer is no!! So I got to have this. I think that all Rainbow eyeshadows are matte (please correct me if I am wrong). Multiple shades of purple to be formed with these three stripes, just mix them up!

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 107R

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 107R

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 107R

Three individual shades of brown!

Realized I also didn’t have a true brown colour (when I was creating the autumn look with Orange and supposedly Brown). This Brown Rainbow can double up as an eyebrow palette because it is matte too. Just use your normal eyebrow brush to pick up the powders and fill in your brows.

Inglot AMC Blush 69

Heavy / Light

Was deciding whether to give a three-pan or five-pan palette since I already have the four-pan one, and only three eyeshadows caught my eyes this time round. Then the Beauty Advisor suggested for me to get the three-pan + one-blush palette. The blush slot is twice the size of an eyeshadow pan, so it can also double up as an five-pan eyeshadow palatte. I โค functional & thoughtful palettes like this ๐Ÿ™‚

This blush #69 reminds me of Tom Ford’s Narcissist Cheek Color, bright pink with cool undertones. This blush is super pigmented, if i sweep my brush over the pan and apply onto my face, I will look like a pink ang gu kueh. And it is super difficult to tone down the colour after it is on your cheeks. Thus it would be better to be more conservative in application and slowly build up the intensity you like. It is a really gorgeous shade of pink ๐Ÿ™‚

Group shot in cloudy sunlight

Group shot in flash

Inglot 3 Eyeshadows + 1 Blush Palette

Inglot 3 Eyeshadows + 1 Blush Palette

Wanted to put the Khaki Green in the centre but accidentally put the Grey instead

This is where Mr Khaki will stay in until I find out how to take the pans out.

Face without Blusher

With Inglot AMC Blush 69 on

Full face with Inglot AMC Blush 69

zibbie โ™”


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