we will we will ROCKU! Yakiniku @ Bugis +

Sher and I dropped by Bugis + intending to eat Shabu-Ya, but the queue was super long and we have to wait 45 min to get in 😦 Too hungry to wait so long!!

We chanced upon ROCKU Yakiniku which was just across Shabu-Ya. With the interesting Halloween layout, decent menu and the friendly host, we cannot say no to trying out this new restaurant! Best choice of the week 🙂

Halloween theme

Set menu for BBQ. Great variety!

Fastest fingers win!

The interior. Very rocker.

Projectors playing Korean MTVs on the walls.

Camwhoring while waiting for the food.

Forever hungry #firstworldpains

The water level under the charcoal grill

Smokeless charcoal grill

Hiccup #1: They left this at our table for 15 – 20 min before the food came. The restaurant was not very packed at that timing, and another group which was seated next next to us came 15 min after us and their food was served at the same time as ours. And they didn’t have to ‘suffer’ the burning grill in the face before the food came. Much appreciated if the charcoal is set up within five min before food is served.

Quite an uncle thing to be drinking beer during BBQ? LOL

We ordered the Beef Combo set @ SGD45.90++

Beef Combo set with five kinds of beef, 2 rice, 2 miso soup and assorted vegetables. The beef was fresh and well marinated. Some parts were very tender. Portion might not be enough for big eaters.

Garlic Fried rice: very flavourful and the rice was fluffy! Finished the whole bowl!!

Also ordered the assorted mushrooms at SGD9.90++ which we thought the portion was too small for the price…. But we love mushrooms!!

Cravings for Salmon slices.. @ SGD 9.90++ Slightly more worth it than the mushrooms. LOL

Hiccup #2: The charcoal fire was dying down and we didnt realize it, and the food (especially mushrooms) took super long to cook. We kind of wasted 30 min waiting for the food to cook, thinking that it is normal. Servers should be more attentive to diners, especially first time diners.

Halfway through the dinner, we saw Oppa.


Time to go home!


with the super heavy ropes.

Bill came up to almost SGD 90 after tax, which we thought is rather steep. But the freshness of the beef and the ambience kind of made up for it (but still very expensive ok!!). This outlet had a very unassuming chillax feeling and we love the rocker concept with the BBQ food.

One suggestion for the menu is to have a mix meat combo set. The menu only have individual chicken / pork / beef combos. I love variety and is very greedy. Wish for a grand combo with beef + seafood + pork + chicken!!

Overall we love this restaurant and we will recommend it for friends to chillax over food and drinks with Korean MTVs at the side.

Are you hungry now? 😀

zibbie ♔


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