Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches {Part 1}



What is your #1 Vice?

Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches {Part 1} will feature swatches for ten shades; Desperation, Junkie, Provocateur, Nevermind, Muse, Chaos, Rapture, Echo Beach, Jagged, Occupy.

This palette will be retailing at SGD 88 in Sephora, it costs USD 59 in US Sephora, which kinda means you are paying about SGD 12 for shipping. I still find this palette value for money as it has many different colours and I think is a good palette to start if you do not own any other UD palettes like me 🙂

Desperation – muted greyish brown with satin finish

Desperation has good colour payoff and applies smoothly. There is no need to swipe the brush across the pan, just dab a little at a time to build up the colour on your lids.  It will be a good smokey eye colour or an eye liner shadow.

Junkie – teal with frosty / shimmery finish

I don’t know what to feel about this shade. I like teal colours because they are interesting and green compliment brown eyes. But I think the little bits of gold shimmers in it kind of ruin the finish. I don’t like frosty / shimmering finishes. I think they are mostly unflattering on Asian eyes and look a bit dated. Or maybe it’s just me 😦

The golden shimmers do disappear on the lids and this eyeshadow just become a frosty bluish – green.

Provocateur looks very promising in the pan. But once you dig into it, you will find chunks of glitters which results in an uneven and gritty texture 😦 Truly a glitter nightmare.

Nevermind is a bronzy gold colour with a metallic finish. It has nice colour payoff and blend smoothly.

Nevermind / Provocateur / Junkie / Desperation (Soft Sunlight)

Nevermind / Provocateur / Junkie / Desperation (Indoors with flash)


Muse has a very intense colour payoff. Once I tried using it as a medium shade for the crease, my brush picked up too much powder and it became smoky eye. So I have been using this on my lower eye lid as smoked out liner.


The supposed highlight of this palette as it stood out strong and vibrant, a very special matte colour. Chaos is rather refreshing from the majority glitters and sparkles of this Vice. But I haven’t really experiment with this shade yet, haven’t thought of what it can pair with….


Rapture is a lilac shimmery colour with burgundy undertone. It has a slight dry texture and doesn’t blend smoothly.

Echo Beach

One of my favourites in this palette. Echo Beach is a nude pale gold colour with a metallic finish. It is almost the same colour as my eyelids, so it is the perfect neutral shade for me.

Echo Beach / Rapture / Chaos / Jagged (Soft sunlight)

Echo Beach / Rapture / Chaos / Jagged (Soft sunlight)

Echo Beach / Rapture / Chaos / Jagged (Indoors with flash)


Jagged looks like an olive golden colour in the pan. But its super chunky glitter bits and dry texture had translated into a glitter mess on my eyes and the face. Such a pity for the glitter fallouts, otherwise Jagged will be such a special colour in my stash.


Occupy is a bluish steel grey colour with silver and dark blue shimmer / sparkles. Rich colour payoff and smooth application for this shade.

Occupy / Jagged (Soft sunlight)

Occupy / Jagged (Indoors with flash)

Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette

I will try to finish up the swatches for the second part of this gorgeous palette tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

zibbie ♔


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