Halloween @ the Asian Civilization Museum Singapore

So we decided to drop by the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) on the Halloween Saturday (27th OCT) because 1. We have nothing to do. 2. It’s free entry~~ YAY

I haven’t visited a museum in a very long time. Kind of got sick of them from the Europe trip in 2009, every single city I visited, there was at least one in the town :/

One of the nicest shot which Sher took of me that day. Or maybe the only nice shot

I think the figurine head is more scared of Sher than the other way around

Love it that the whole museum is decorated with Halloween-ish stuff.

Welcome to Singapore!

Royal Treasure

Sacred books

Pretty storage box / wardrobe

I think this is a brass drum.



Paper dolls


What lies beneath the door?

Some artistic shots. LOL


The crowd at 7.30PM. Official Halloween programs start at 7.30pm

With the ghost rider!

with the werewolf!

Some killer.. hahhahas

We didn’t stay too long as it’s time for dinner and we were at the museum since 4 PM!! And we will be more dressed up for it next time. hahaahhas.

Happy Halloween 2012!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween 2012 âĪ

zibbie ♔

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