Guerlain Teint Rose #01 Meteorites Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain Teint Rose #01 Meteorites was one of the three shades launched with Guerlain Meteorites Perles Collection back in May 2010:

#01 Teint Rose (Rose Tint) corrects by using mauve to reflect light and brightening the complexion along with green to reduce redness; pink to give skin a more even look; and white for illumination, gold for “radiance.”

#02 Teint Beige (Beige Tint) corrects with mauve and pink to keep skin from looking dull; beige and apricot beige to add warmth; and white and white gold to reflect light.

# 03 Teint Dore (Gold Tint) corrects with mauve and blue to eliminate yellowness amongst a golden tone; beige and chocolate beige enhance golden tones; and white gold reflects light while pearly apricot brightens.

So depending on what effects you are looking for, they have three shades to suit different needs (though I think the difference will not be very big as Meteorites are meant to be lightly dusted). In short, #01 is more for whitening effect / fairer skin tone, #02 for normal skin and #03 for bronzing effect / darker skin tone.

Guerlain #01 Teint Rose Meteorites

Information leaflet

Meteorites now comes in these cute and tins form.

Comes with a sponge inside, I think this is to hold down the balls so that they do not rub each other too much in the tin, else you will end up with powders (kinda of kills the novelty of swirling the little balls isn’t it)

Some colours stained on the sponge

I see six major colours- Silvery White, Cream White, Yellow, Green, Pink & Lilac.

In direct sunlight

In indirect sunlight

In the shade

In flash light

Guerlain Teint Rose #01 Meteorites have six different colours to even out your skin tone to achieve that flawless glowing effect. Other than the silvery pearly white colour, the rest are matte. So don’t worry, you won’t turn into a disco ball. I usually swirl my Chanel face brush (travel size) in the tin to collect powder. The end result is a whitish powder which you can’t see the lilac / yellow / green / pink with your naked eyes.


Some people called Guerlain Meteorites as real-life photoshop for your skin and I have to agree with that. Guerlain #01 Teint Rose Meteorites diffuse and soften your skin, giving the ‘glowing’ effect. Plus points for the floral scented (I think it is Violet) little magical balls which make me feels dainty whenever I brush some onto my face.

I would not set my liquid foundation with this though, because it would have taken quite a significant amount and my face would be too shimmery per se. Dusting the Meteorites on will be the last step of my make up, after I am done with setting my make up. And since you need so little of these every time you use them, I foresee that one tub can last many years (at least five years!!!)

It is pricey (~SGD 80) but definitely a very good investment for that luminous glowing you-did-something-but-I-don’t-know-what effect ❤

zibbie ♔


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