My Favourite Lip Butter! Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

I have been searching for this Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter for ages!! Because this particular flavour is always a limited edition. Usually for some campaign / awareness programme.

The very first time I bought this was back in 2010 when I was in Europe for my Norway study exchange programme. My lips were dry and peeling due to the harsh weather (Winter!!) so I was in desperate need for a lip balm. It was launched by Body Shop and collaboration with MTV / Staying Alive Foundation to promote Safe Sex. It was a great concept and it smelled great, so why no?

The original design which I prefers more than this year’s design. Because the Oui Oui Oui design looked very cleancut and not grimmicky to me:

Body Shop Tantalising Dragon Fruit Lip Butter launched in 2010

This cheap and amazing product had protected me against the winter cold and kept  my lips moisturised  I used it day in day out when I was touring around Europe in the winter. I love it so much because the scent was mildly sweet and not overpowering. Fond memories ❤

Imagine how sad I was when I got back to Singapore and realized that this is not a permanent flavour!!! And Body Shop revamped the Lip Butter series (or rather they took out some flavours, even my second favourite passion fruit flavour!!!) so I was ‘forced’ to explore other brands.

Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

This year, Body Shop re-launched my favourite lip butter again!!! This time round, Body Shop had a different funding approach whereby consumers get to vote for the charity which they want to support! I thought that it was pretty cool and engaging to get consumers involved in the works of the Body Shop Foundation.

Taken from the Body Shop website:

When you buy a Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, 100% of the profits go to charity.  Yep, you read that right – 100%.  In the majority of participating stores, you’ll get a voting token, which you can use to vote for the charity that you’d really like to support.

Here’s how it works: 75 per cent of the total profits will be divided between local charities in the country where the product is sold.  The charity with the most votes gets 50% of the amount raised, 30% is given to the second and 20% goes to the third.

The remaining 25 per cent goes to The Body Shop Foundation’s global grants scheme (have a look and see some of the marvelous projects we’ve funded over the last year; they are truly incredible)

Mini voting kiosk at the Body Shop outlet

The charities chosen must reflect The Body Shop Foundation’s mission: they must be not for profit and address issues that cover each of these areas – animal protection, human rights and environmental protection. Guess which one I voted for!

Activate Self Esteem!!!

I got two tokens because I bought one to taste out beforehand and these two are back ups!!!!

Activate self esteem!! Which I thought was the most meaningful and appropriate out of the three options. (I am not exactly an animal fan :/ ) Of course I am not an advocate of having multiple sex partners and contacting avoidable HIV / AIDS due to one’s messy sex life. But there are also many HIV / AIDS cases out there whereby the infected ones contacted HIV / AIDS through birth / improper medical equipment used / unfaithful partners etc and it is not their fault. Or also for those who truly regretted their actions and wanted to contribute to the society during this life, instead of passing the virus around. So through this awareness, I hope that these deserving patients continue with their life responsibly and happily.

Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter

This new Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter smelled and tasted like the version in 2010. But I think that it is not as moisturising as the previous one. Maybe the formula changed or maybe my skin condition changed. One bad point is that this lip butter is in the pot form. So everytime I need to ‘dig’ a small amount out. A bit unhygienic I would say. I try to use the top part of my index nail to ‘dig’ out a small amount because subconsciously I think my nail surface is cleaner than my skin. Also, I try to take out a larger amount so that I don’t double dip. Despite the flaws, I bought three of these for back ups, because I am not sure if Body Shop launches them every two years!!!

I was too eager to try the balm out, to check if it is the same as before!!

Kisses to perfect lips  

zibbie ♔


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