Saturday Brunch with the girlies at NOSH @ Rochester Park <3

Met up with the St Nicholas girls clique two weeks ago to have brunch. It was my first time visiting NOSH and I would say the first impression was not that bad!

The Brunch Menu

The interior

Pretty good crowd for Saturday brunch

Lots of shades

Joanne, Doris, Lucinda 🙂

Peifang, Ruyu & Me! (overexposed because the camera was facing the sunlight!!!)

Buttermilk Pancakes!

A very simple pancake dish which was well made, not dry and had subtle buttery fragrance to the pancakes. Topped with fresh fruits which were not sour! Perfect for days when you are lazy to make for own pancakes 🙂


We ordered Truffle fries. But this did not taste like truffle at all. Checking the menu, realized that it is just plain fries. Good portion for sharing, albeit a tad boring.

Crab Cake Egg Benedict

This was the most interesting item on the menu. Tasted like fusion of Asian and Western because curry sauce was used here. And the fried Crab Cake reminded me of the Old Chang Kee crabmeat skewers, but NOSH version obviously tasted better as a larger percentage of real crab meat was used in the patty. One problem was that the hot crab cake was put on top of the bun and the bun got soggy from the heat / moisture / oil from the crab cake. Example like when you sandwiched a meat patty or egg in between two slices of bread and the bread will become soggy?

Smoked Salmon Benedict

A very safe choice because it’s hard to go wrong with smoked salmon 🙂 No issue with soggy buns because smoked salmon is dry! The side salad were all tossed with house dressing, a bit of balsamic vinegar taste (YUMS). Quite a generous serving, unlike those places which only gave 5 tiny pieces of leaves.

One Smoked Salmon / One Crab Cake Benedict 😀

Exchanged one Smoked Salmon Benny with Joanne’s Crab Cake Benny so that we get more variety. heee heee. And I think we were rather boring with our orders because we had 5 sets of egg benny among 6 people!! Only the Birthday girl chose Pancakes.

We decided to camwhore at this lounge area which was super stuffy and warm.
Was so glad we didn’t sit here during the brunch.

At the swing area in front of the lounge 🙂

Overall the ambience here was pretty good for a simple brunch on a lazy Saturday. Heard from Lu that it would be more beautiful / romantic at night with the mellow lightings. Bill came up to about 25 SGD each for a main and a cup of tea which I think is pretty standard for brunch. Would like to see some interesting variety in the menu next time 🙂

Collage taken from Doris instagram 🙂

zibbie ♔


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