Poulet @ Bugis Plus (30th Jan 2014)


Been wanting to try this restaurant since the start of 2013 and finally here we are! [actually was because Saveur was closed on New Year’s eve 😦 ]

Half day for me!

Half day for me! On the way to bugis

French onion soup ($5.80++)

French onion soup

What is french dining without the french onion soup? I am one who loves my soup served hot, PIPING HOT please! Poulet’s rendition of this onion soup was a watered down version of the french onion soup I had in Paris. Though they were generous with the onions, me thinks that they didn’t simmer / cook it longer enough, some onions were still tough. And missing some salty fatty yellow cheese. But for the price we paid (about $6++?), one cannot expect too much laaaaaaa.

Sautee mushrooms

Sautee mushrooms with poached egg

We were craving for some egg benedicts that day, so we ordered this dish. Very interesting pairing but the egg white was a tad overcooked, or maybe the egg just looked plain. The mushrooms reminded me of the mushrooms from Marche, just that Marche ones are usually warmer.

Sautee mushroom with poached egg

Sautee mushroom with poached egg



Now this is a real pipping hot dish and both of us burnt our tongue eating it (greedy + hungry us). The escargots were de-shelled, so no messy trying to dig the flesh from the shell. Yay to laziness. Escargots were of a decent size and went well with the seasonings. The oil was a bit overwhelming though.

The signature chicken

The signature chicken

This was half a chicken. Ok we were expecting a bigger chicken but Poulet uses Spring chicken which are well-known for being puny! The meat was very tender, even the breast meat was moist and tender, which I usually avoid eating. But I didn’t like the sauce, kind of milky and sweet? Sher loved the sauce though.

My face never change de.

My face never change de.

Signing off with my narcissistic shot ^^

Signing off with my narcissistic shot ^^

zibbie ♔


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