Flowers weekend (29th March)

Taking a break from Bali posting! Left with one more day post where I took a lot of selfies and I don’t know which ones to choose. #vainpotdilemma

purple flowers

Bought some flowers last week at Tanjong Pagar market. Instinctively chose all shades of purple (except for the other two roses).

Here is my amateur arrangement of the flowers!! $8 flowers + $2 Daiso vase. heehee. #score


The side kicks

The side kicks

All beautiful shades of purple <3  Indoor lightings

All beautiful shades of purple ❤
Indoor lighting

purple flowers

Kind of thought that this arrangement is beautiful enough with the lilac rose as the center piece. But I bought two other roses because the flower auntie said there were too many sidekicks…

purple flowers zibbie

Luckily the other two roses were quite muted down and didn’t clash with the purple theme.

The lilac rose bloomed the fullest and prettiest, but it only lasted for 3 days… Guessed it had been on display for at least one week. But still better than the other two which didn’t even bloom *sobs.

purple flowers zibbie

Used the polka paper to decorate the vase #fail hahahs.

purple flowers zibbie

The next day in bright sunlight ❤


zibbie ♔



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