Flowers weekend (29th March)

Taking a break from Bali posting! Left with one more day post where I took a lot of selfies and I don’t know which ones to choose. #vainpotdilemma

purple flowers

Bought some flowers last week at Tanjong Pagar market. Instinctively chose all shades of purple (except for the other two roses).

Here is my amateur arrangement of the flowers!! $8 flowers + $2 Daiso vase. heehee. #score


The side kicks

The side kicks

All beautiful shades of purple <3  Indoor lightings

All beautiful shades of purple ❤
Indoor lighting

purple flowers

Kind of thought that this arrangement is beautiful enough with the lilac rose as the center piece. But I bought two other roses because the flower auntie said there were too many sidekicks…

purple flowers zibbie

Luckily the other two roses were quite muted down and didn’t clash with the purple theme.

The lilac rose bloomed the fullest and prettiest, but it only lasted for 3 days… Guessed it had been on display for at least one week. But still better than the other two which didn’t even bloom *sobs.

purple flowers zibbie

Used the polka paper to decorate the vase #fail hahahs.

purple flowers zibbie

The next day in bright sunlight ❤


zibbie ♔



Bali March 2014 (day 3) {Ubud Day Trip}

Bali sunset beach temple

 Good morning lovelies! Today is Ubud day and we hired a driver to explore Ubud!!

The evolution of my crazy hair from the moment I wake up.

The evolution of my crazy hair from the moment I wake up. hee hee

We departed at 9 am from the villa and it was a super long journey to ubud. Think it was about 2 hours? I was half sleeping and half dreaming along the way. The driver gave us some stop-by options along the way, to visit the villages specializing in Batik / Jewelry / Stone Statues / Coffee etc. I wanted to buy some Batik cloth to make clothes in the future so we dropped by the batik store.

No photos because I was busy shopping. There wasn’t raw batik cloth, but there were ready made clothes / shawls / headbands etc. I got two shawls to wear as sarong and two headbands! Total damage was about SGD 40?

Then we went to the Luwak plantation, quite a foresty area which I didn’t really fancy. Imagine the creepy crawlies around ||| -__-

bali luwut coffee


KY with her new pet!  The cat involved in the coffee bean making process

KY with her new pet!
The cat involved in the coffee bean making process

This plantation was actually just for tourist to drop by and buy the products. The actual plantation which houses about 500 cats (if my memory didn’t fail me) is higher up in the mountainous area. Oh well, make sense, it could be a place which smell of feces and hundred of cats roaming around. That, would be somewhere I do not wish to be at. *shrudders

Free sampling of the Bali coffee.

Free sampling of the Bali coffee / tea.

We were treated to a plate of banana fritters and some sampling of the Bali coffee / tea (which you can buy home in packets) at the end of the tour. If you want to try the Luwak coffee, its price is USD 5 / 50,000 rupiah per cup. We shared a cup (espresso cup size) just for the sake of it. No comments because I am not a coffee drinker. Skip this tour if you are not planning to buy the luwak coffee. The other types of coffee / tea were over priced at the plantation.

Coffee Luwak

Next up we wanted to try babi guling for lunch, since it is one of famous dish from Bali. I just want to say… if you are used to Hong Kong type roast pork, you would not really like this dish. The skin was not crispy and I couldn’t bite it into half. The pork smell was rather unpleasant. The only saving grace was the clean toilets in the restaurant.

Not my cup of tea

Not my cup of tea

Another two hours drive up the mountains to Jatiluwih rice terrace paddy field.

Bali paddy field

 Paddy fields are just… paddy fields to me.

zibbie friends

Early dinner / redemption lunch at J Terrace at Jatiluwih rice terrace. Paddy field J Terrace

j terrace jatiluwih

The famous BBM (duck) was good crispy and well-favored, especially loved the generous serving of fried long beans. Marmite chicken tasted like our sweet / sour pork dish, not really much of a marmite thing but still nice. 
Tom yum soup tasted like prawn soup?? Red / purple rice was tough as usual. Chicken soup was like instant ABC soup. 

Try the BBM if you are in the vicinity, if not don’t bother driving 2 / 3 hours up the mountains. 

Desa Jatiluwih, Kecamatan penebel, Kabupaten TabananTabanan, Bali 82152Indonesia

Last destination for the day: Tanah Lot, is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally “Tanah Lot temple”)

We missed the sunset as we reached about 7pm. But there was still a glimpse of  sun ray in the far-away ocean. We didn’t walk to the temple area as it was too dark already, heard from the driver that a tourist was washed off from the temple path while shooting photos. Better be safe than sorry, don’t underestimate the power of the waves! 

Tanah Lot temple

Bali taman beach


zibbie ♔